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22 05
May 22, 2018
EU Datathon is a competition intended to highlight the potential of linking EU and national data as well as to promote the reuse of open data. Participants are invited to develop apps using at least one dataset produced by the EU institutions or agencies, available on the EU Open Data Portal. The apps can compete in one of the following four thematic challenges: ‘EU open data — For more innovation in Europe’ (Webinar for challenge 1: Friday, 01/06/2018 at 11.00 via WebEx) ‘National and EU law — Make legislation interoperable’ (Webinar for challenge 2: Friday, 08/06/2018 at 11.00 via WebEx) ‘EU public procurement — Value for citizens, value for businesses’ (Webinar for challenge 3: Friday, 15/06/2018 at 11.00 via WebEx) ‘European Food Safety Authority — Fostering data reuse and innovation’ (Webinar for challenge 4: Friday, 22/06/2018 at 14.00 via WebEx) The partners of the EU Datathon 2018 are the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, the European Data Portal, the European Food Safety Authority, the ELI Task Force (European Legislation Identifier) and the ISA² programme.
Brussels Belgium Belgium
22 06
June 22, 2018
MAKE YOUR MARK IN REDEFINING HEALTHCARE, GLOBALLY Be a significant contributor to improving healthcare for every man, woman and child on the planet! Inefficiencies of healthcare system impact everyone of us and this contest is all about making it easier to access healthcare for us, our children, parents, friends and colleagues. You have an opportunity to design an incredibly intuitive user experience for coordinating, administering and paying for Healthcare. Your design can change the way healthcare works for patients, healthcare providers, employers and insurers. Solve.Care invites everyone to participate in the Care.Card User Experience Contest and is challenging you to create amazing user experiences of Care.Cards that interact within the revolutionary ecosystem of Care.Wallets. Join the contest now, disrupt healthcare and win 100 000 CAN as the grand prize for each of 3 Care.Cards. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1. Register for the contest 2. Participate in the requirements session 3. Download the sample app 4. Design & build amazing Care.Card 5. Submit your Care.Card 6. Win on August 3
14 07
July 14, 2018
Join us this July for two great days where you’ll explore and build the next generation of blockchain design and applications. Calling all Hackers…better yet! MachoHackers! ‍ By now, you have most likely heard one of many descriptions of what Blockchain is, how it is used and the power it holds towards the digital future. The technology provides and enables distributed autonomous marketplaces, reduces friction in business transactions, manages and secures decentralized private records from encryption to tracking the provenance of products and materials. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! It is clear that this will play a huge part of how the digital world will evolve, weaving blockchain technology into the fabric of our daily lives. MachoChallenge Use! - Next generation of universal crypto assets (benefits and differences from other cryptos) - Further pushing for real world commercial acceptance - Flexible, upgradeable infrastructure in traditional to non-traditional usage & acceptance - Shorter, scalable and expandable chain (how to reduce the chain?) - Future of the Financial Sector - Next generation of Miners - New Consensus Algorithms from proof of work to proof of stake We love it when you can challenge us with your digital expertise and prowess; go ahead, show us what you can do! If you are a dreamer who puts ideas into action then we want you to participate in our inaugural Hackathon, MachoHacks! Get ready, set and GO!
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
20 07
July 20, 2018
DO!Hack is an interdisciplinary hackathon. We not only focus on developers but on designers and electro-technicians, as well. By doing so we hope to get not only the ideas and viewpoints of developers. Of course you don't have to be a designer, developer or electro-technician to be able to apply to DO!Hack. We are open for anyone, who want to participate on exciting event in the very heart of Dortmund. In our opinion hackathons are to learn and to be a part of a team but also to do mistakes in a secured environment. During the event our 50 applicants have 24 hours to develop a project in a team. We will not specify the projects. If you have a good idea you're free to build a team and make your own project. But don't panic if you don't have an idea. Maybe you'll find someone with an idea in which you are interested in or a team you like to work with and brainstorm together. Also, if you run into any problems during the development, we'll have a whole lot of mentors to help you. Apply now:
Dortmund NRW Germany
22 09
September 22, 2018
Hack4Elder advantAGE is a 30 hours-long hackathon happening on September 22-23, 2018 in the Euskalduna Palace (Bilbao), Bizkaia, Spain. Attendance is FREE and there is 2000€ IN CASH PRIZES! The first 30 participants registered will get FREE access to the 2018 AAL Forum (24-26 Sept.) and FREE ACCOMMODATION (22-26 Sept.) So, register HERE to be part of this vibrant event and make a difference: With a focus on teamwork and international multidisciplinary intergenerational cooperation, Hack4Elder advantAGE is looking for innovative tech and/or non-tech solutions or business models to help the elderly release their full potential and added value in society as a measure of integration in their communities. The guide-rules are simple: 1. Analyze the current situation of the elderly in society or, if you already work on this topic, gather a group of colleagues or express your individual concern to look for common goals and seek potential solutions that can integrate the elder and give them a louder voice! 2. Then, register and come to Hack4Elder advantAGE, be coached and reviewed by a panel of international experts and potential users of your product or service, learn new skills and bring the best ideas forward! The first 30 participants registered will get FREE access to the 2018 AAL Forum (24-26 Sept.). The website is so that you can know everything about the event! You will find the Terms of Service here:
Bilbao Biscay Spain
26 09
September 26, 2018
Worldline is proud to present its first Fintech Challenge! Your mission should you choose to accept it : 48 hours to create the champion services of tomorrow taking advantage of the new landscape (PSD2, instant payments, data value, GDPR, cyber-security, hyper-connectivity…). Worldline’s goal: to develop an efficient application that complements Worldline APIs and allows end-to-end innovation with Worldline clients. Consider use cases in various domains (P2P, C2B, B2B, B2C) and markets and combine your assets with Worldline APIs to generate transaction flows. Subscribe to the Worldline E-payments Challenge, tell us about your startup and your business - we will come back to you very soon! WHY ATTEND? + Co-innovate with the European leader in e-payments and transactional services + Leverage Worldline’s assets and expertise + Get the opportunity to present your proposal of POC/pilot to Worldline’s customers. + Partner with Worldline to scale your business
Bezons France
28 09
September 28, 2018
VolHacks Part 3! Join us for a weekend of student-driven innovation and collaboration on the hallowed hills of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Over 36 caffeine-filled, sleepless hours, students from both the University of Tennessee and outside the university will brainstorm, build, break, test, and deploy whatever they imagine for the chance to win amazing prizes, while interacting with professional mentors and engineers, meeting recruiters, and listening to great tech talks and tutorials from sponsors. When not hacking, take a break to go to the hill and play ultimate frisbee, enjoy a cup stacking competition, pick up that sweet swag, and participate in other mini-games. Did we mention there will also be an excess of free food, hacker-controlled music, many snack breaks, unlimited drinks, and endless caffeine? For more information, including our FAQ and registration, go to More questions? Follow us on [twitter](, [facebook](, and [instagram]( You can also contact us at [email protected] If you are a sponsor or know a sponsor that would like to help make this event happen, please email [email protected]
Knoxville TN United States
12 10
October 12, 2018
Join us for a weekend of hacking, innovating and networking with peers and industry leaders who are changing the way we look at the foreign-born experience. GlobalHack VII will be held Friday, October 12 to Sunday, October 14, 2018 at Chaifetz Arena, on the Saint Louis University campus and will be awarding $100,000 in prizes!
St Louis MO United States