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October 22, 2016
Vexma Technologies pvt ltd provides a one stop shop for product development and design to mass manufacturing solutions. With endless possibilities in 3d printing services, we provide solutions that benefits Doctors, Engineers, Architects and enthusiast.
Vadodara Gujarat India
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November 13, 2017
If you are a team of drone-geeks willing to build innovative solutions, here's the launch pad that you’ve been waiting for! Cyient Ltd and DJI invite you to participate in Hackadrone 2018—India’s first UAV hackathon, sponsored by Microsoft and the Telangana State Government. We are calling on all developers to create innovative commercial and industrial solutions on the DJI industrial drone platform. Using DJI’s powerful Software Development Kit (SDK), you will demonstrate the value of your concept and its potential to redefine industry practices. This hackathon is NOT about building DIY (do-it-yourself) drones. Multiple drone platforms for your use and expert help on SDK will be available during the hackathon. Hackadrone 2018 is open to start-ups, independent software programmers, developers, senior IT professionals, and technology students.
Hyderabad Telangana India
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November 30, 2017
The OpenAIRE datathon ( aims at stimulating developers and data scientists at analysing the OpenAIRE Information Space with the intent of improving its consumption by users and third-party services. The OpenAIRE information space consists of a scholarly communication graph interlinking publications, datasets, software, research organizations, funders, and projects. The graph is the result of harvesting metadata from around 3000 data providers, harmonizing such metadata, and keeping or inferring links between graph objects described by such metadata. Inference is the result of text-mining a pool of Open Access article full-texts, which numbers around 6 Million full-texts. The graph counts around 60M objects, is openly accessible via APIs and a web portal, and is used today to offer research impacts statistics (e.g. number of products linked to given funders), Open Access trends (e.g. Open Access ratio of products published by given funders), and discovery of interlinked scholarly products (e.g. articles linked to datasets, software linked to articles for communities). The datathon encourages teams of computer scientists, data scientists and experts from other fields to join the challenge of studying and analysing the OpenAIRE graph to enhance its discovery and statistical capabilities, in order to better serve the mission of Open Science. Buzz-topics leading the challenge are: - Enabling multi-disciplinary or discipline-specific discovery or stats functionality - Novel techniques to enable measurement of scientific impact, e.g. counters, links, provenance - Novel techniques to measure scientific impact, e.g. measures of quality Enabling reproducibility, e.g. re-use oriented metadata, meaningful interlinking of objects - De-duplication of the information space, e.g. disambiguation of authors, disambiguation of organizations Data analysis can be performed using any cutting-edge methodology and technology, with the intention of deriving higher quality, statistics, enrichments from an original data collection, in order to make it more usable and interesting to the intended users. Teams can take advantage of the data analysis tools made availalble through this platform. The two teams with the most outstanding and innovative solutions will win the datathon and be awarded a prize. Register your team following the instructions at
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January 19, 2018
SwampHacks is 36 hours for you to learn, create, and celebrate. For the whole weekend, 500 students will come together as aspiring developers, engineers, builders, designers—any person who has a desire to create something—focus on a project, and learn by making. From abundant mentors to workshops, SwampHacks will be the platform to start your exploration into development and the community space for hanging out with some of the brightest minds of the South. So come join us, and let’s have an awesome weekend in the swamp.
GAINESVILLE FL United states
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January 26, 2018
Data and tech are changing the way we interact with the city, how can we harness this to make London healthier, more liveable and connected? CityHack18 aims to find out. Facilitated by Alejandro Saucedo, challenges presented by some of London's biggest city organisations and with a first prize of £7,500, register now to participate. Event is not 24hrs
London UK
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January 29, 2018
Join Deutsche Telekom this January to connect, learn, hack and build at AI Hack DT. While official partners and detailed challenges are still in the pipeline, this hack is set to be truly one-of-a-kind. Developers and startups are being called to develop cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance Deutsche Telekom’s customer experience. How can AI improve the future of customer experience? Deutsche Telekom works with millions of customers on a daily basis, with many of the day-to-day processes remaining repetitive - until now! We think AI is the key to exemplary customer service; offering smoother processes and faster, more accurate solutions. Explore DT's eLIZA project and discover the many ways artificial intelligence can be used to improve the customer experience. You'll have 5 exciting challenges to work on - which will you choose? Challenges: #1 - Create Language Model for New/Difficult Language (perhaps Greek, Croatian/ Spanish, French) – IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NVIDIA #2 - Knowledge extraction from Telekom Hilft interactions // eCare #3 - Create a customer support chatbot // Customer Support #4 - Autonomously Target Users with Emotional Responses for Extra Customer Care #5 - Image Caption // Lola & eSales Plenty to choose from! If you are fascinated with Artificial Intelligence and are eager to work with interesting people and influencers, then join us at the AI Hack DT!
Berlin Germany
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February 16, 2018
Parisian hackers! The Groupe Casino invites you to register to participate in their Hack and Blockchain hackathon. Using blockchain technology, you'll be given 48 hours to make product and transaction traceability more reliable. Come and showcase your blockchain skills and compete for prizes.
Paris France
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February 24, 2018
Join QuickBooks and @IntuitDev at their SmallBizHack to create new innovations that will help small businesses save time and money. You’ll be kept fueled, fed, and entertained while you code your way to winning great prizes including the £5000 Grand Prize! Come along on Saturday and Sunday, 24-25 February 2018 at Code Node in London, UK. What are you waiting for?
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March 17, 2018
innogy SE und ista Deutschland GmbH präsentieren den ersten iHack.Ruhr Hackathon am 17. und 18. März 2018 in Essen iHack.Ruhr Hackathon „Zurück zum Ursprung“ ist das Motto, unter dem der erste iHack.Ruhr Ruhrpott Hackathon am 17. und 18. März 2018 im Haus der Technik in Essen stattfindet. Veranstaltet wird der Hackathon in Kooperation zwischen innogy SE, ista Deutschland GmbH und dem Spannende Challenges geben den Hackathon seine Herausforderung und freuen sich über eure Lösungsansätze durch Kreativität und Geschicklichkeit. Die Ausarbeitung der Challenges findet in dem Dreiergespann der Veranstalter statt und setzt den Fokus auf Interessen der Community. An dem Wochenende erwarten euch neben viel Code und Spaß an dem Wettbewerb auch ein umfangreicher Austausch mit euren Mitstreitern und anregende Informationen zu Fachthemen, die durch Lightning Talks vermittelt werden.
Essen Germany
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June 01, 2018
In today’s fast-paced, technologically boundless world, putting up barriers and innovating on your own is a bit like having a great idea and never sharing it. Sopra Banking Software is continuing to drive momentum in Open Banking, and is positioning itself as an innovation catalyst with its Digital eXperience Platform (DxP). The platform shares a multitude of banking services with Start-ups to streamline their applications. These services can be accessed via standardised interfaces (open APIs). You no-longer require information on underlying production systems and it’s no longer necessary to maintain a range of interfaces to connect with various banks. If a service is lacking, start-ups can ask for banks to open it up, or even create it themselves as a micro service and market it using a pay-per-use pricing model. Against this backdrop, Sopra Banking Software is launching the first Open Banking Challenge - an event that is tailor-made for entrepreneurs. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to meet the emerging DxP ecosystem community and win a partnership with Sopra Banking Software who will open up the doors of numerous banks, and millions of customers via them! Interested? Check it out here
Paris France