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April 03, 2014
A new hackathon experience Take what you love, fuse it with tech, build something the world has never seen. Camp is a place for creation, exploration, and imagination. At Bitcamp, you’ll have 36 hours to combine your curiosities and wild ideas with code and gadgets to make something awesome. Throw in world-class mentors and hundreds of peers from around the world, and you’re in for an amazing time. See you by the bonfire! Detailed Time is not released yet. Keep tuned.
College Park MD United States
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February 13, 2014
Mobile Vikings invites you to participate in a hackathon part! For those who do not know a hackathon , the rules are simple : find a problem , develop a solution and deliver a minimum viable product ( MVP ) at the end of the hackathon . It allows to choose any topic you want to work around you free. Regardless of your background : software developers , designers, you name it , everyone is welcome . Moreover, we also want to give you the chance to get in touch. In a nice atmosphere with different companies / start - ups In teams of 4 to 5 people can work on proof- of-concepts for various design ( Open Data Antwerp , Mobile Wallet Solutions , Digitization of Antwerp and KBC Tower ) . Just before the event , we will send all information about the course , but in the meantime, keep in mind the following: Bring your own computer / laptop along with your favorite developer environment (think of your power ) . Put a Github account. If you do not know how or it 's been a while , you can best have to point out (for developers ) . See properly program the day before your due. Program 08:00 : Welcome 08:30 : Notes goal of the day 09:00 : Teams form and start hacking ! 19:00 Presentation : apps and concepts to attendees 20:00 : Reception and awards 21:00 End :: Food & drinks Throughout the day we will make sure you have enough food and drink for hands. Winners The winner gets all the glory and a nice price .
Schoenmarkt Antwerpen Belgium
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February 21, 2014
HN Construct is a hackathon focused entirely on creativity and the innovative use of technology: we don’t give a crap about business plans or commercial viability. Just build something cool. Make friends. Win stuff. Platforms/Devices: the theme is spiffy next-generation interface devices like neural/gesture controls, augmented reality, wearables, tablets, and all the funky stuff you see in movies. You can bring/build any demo-able platform/device that (even remotely) fits the theme, but as a base, here’s what’s available (limited numbers; pipe up early if your team is definitely working on one): 1. Raspberry Pi (B) + PIR sensor kit 2. Kiwi move 3. UbiSlate7C+ 4. OUYA console We’ll email ticket-holders as we update the list, sorry in advance for the spam! Teams: max 5 people. Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, we’re running a team matching Tech Social on February 17th. Register at Prizes 1. $2,500 Grand Prize 2. $1,337 Runner Up 3. MVP prizes and still others.
Toronto Ontario Canada
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February 21, 2014
NYC Generation Tech (GenTech) student hackathons aim to provide NYC high school students from under-resourced communities the opportunity to develop their coding skills and work alongside professionals from NYC’s tech community. Presented by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), and Center4, GenTech Student Hackathon: Code4Tomorrow challenges students to identify ways to make a positive change in the communities in which they live and to think about solutions for big social problems related to health, education, employment, and seniors. With the support of volunteer mentors, students will create a digital prototype, promotional website, and demo presentation to showcase their idea. In the evening, all students will present, and prizes will be awarded to the winning teams. We hope you can join us! TEAM ROLES 1. Volunteer Mentor – Non-Technical a. Work with 3-4 students new to coding b. Support students in creating a promotional website c. Assist students learning Mozilla's Webmaker tools and basic HTML/CSS during breakout session d. Help students manage workflow 2. Volunteer Mentor – Technical a. Work with 1-2 students experienced with coding b. Offer product development expertise to students creating their digital prototype c. Provide coding support and troubleshoot technical challenges d. Help students manage workflow 3. Student – New to Coding a. Collaborate with team members to conceive idea and present digital products b. Learn Mozilla Webmaker tools and basic HTML/CSS c. Create a promotional website by utilizing technical skills learned during the day 4. Student – Experienced with Coding a. Collaborate with team members to conceive idea and present digital products b. Build upon existing coding knowledge through working with technical volunteer mentors c. Create a digital prototype for your team's idea EVENT SCHEDULE 9:00AM – Students & Volunteer Mentors Arrive (Please be on time.) 9:15AM – Opening Remarks, Event Overview, and Presentations 10:15AM – Team Formation, Idea Generation, Brainstorming, and Planning 11:15AM – Breakout Session for Students New to Coding: Instruction on Mozilla's Webmaker Tools and HTML/CSS Basics 12:30PM – Lunch 2:00PM – Team Members Regroup 5:30PM – Dinner 6:00PM – Submission Deadline 6:15PM – Demo Presentations 7:45PM – Winners Announced 8:00PM – Hackathon Ends WHAT TO BRING Please bring a laptop if you can! Volunteers: If you have additional laptops to share, please bring them as well. Many of our students don't have their own laptops so we could certainly use some extras. Thanks! JUDGING CRITERIA Teams will be evaluated on 4 criteria: 1) Digital Prototype Idea 2) Digital Prototype Functionality 3) Promotional Website 4) Overall Communication
New York City NY United States
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March 04, 2014
The Texas Bitcoin Conference is hosting the Bitcoin 2.0 Hackathon: Building Next Generation Decentralized Applications & Protocols Teams will be competing for over $1 Million in prizes and contracts offered by Mastercoin Foundation, Open-Transactions (Monetas), Ethereum, BitAngels and others. Preliminary Schedule: March 5th 8 to 10 a.m. Breakfast 10 a.m. the Hackathon begins 10 to 11 a.m. Hackers picking teams at the beginning. Short 1 minutes stand ups for ideas. Hack the next 29 hours. Including overnight if you desire. March 6th 7 to 9 a.m. Breakfast 12:00 p.m. the 6th pre Judging / selection for presentations 4:00 p.m. wrap up begins. 5 Minutes Presentations from selected teams. 6:00 p.m. Hackathon ends and winners selected.
Austin TX United States
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October 25, 2013
The Entrepreneur Club is proud to bring you its second Hackathon, in cooperation with Swisscom, Intel, Evernote and startups from Zurich! Your mission is simple: you have 24 hours to develop a software product solving a problem or challenge. Yes it’s free (including food and drinks). Join us for the second, even more epic Hackathon! Meet interesting people with crazy ideas and develop applications together. A jury, which includes Mark Schmitz (Lakestar) and Penny Schiffer (Venture Kick), will then judge applications. They will award Apple iPads, Swisscom vouchers, and other prizes to the winning teams! Free food, free drinks. The only thing you'll have to bring is a laptop and willpower! And maybe a sleeping matress and a tooth brush – but that's up to you. WHEN: Friday 25th October 2013, 6:00pm WHERE: Swisscom Business Park, Pfingstweidstrasse 51, Zürich AGENDA 18.00 Start of the Hackathon: Introduction of the startups 18.30 Brainstorming and team building 19.00 Deciding on ideas to work on 19.30 Pizza time: Dinner and get-together Coding ... 00:00 Midnight snack and presentation / discussion 07:00 Breakfast with Zopf! 12:00 Lunch 17:00 Final presentation of results before jury and award ceremony SPONSORS: Intel, Swisscom, Evernote STARTUPS: Teralytics, Beekeeper, Electric Feel. REGISTRATION + MORE:
Pfingstweidstrasse Zürich Switzerland
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February 28, 2014
Come and join A Thinking Ape + Facebook Vancouver on February 28th for a 24-hour Augmented Reality (AR) Hackathon. What is AR? AR is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaninful content in your daily life. During this 24-hour hack, let's bring another element to your real world, discover hidden content, and be the hero of your own life! Who can participate? Hackers: You can code, make things, and build stuff for fun. Designers: You can design, you know experience, and you help imagine what's next. IDEAS: Museum Virtual Tours Google Sky Maps (Pan your camera around and see the stars and their names) -- Schedule Friday, February 28 5pm: Sign-in 5:30pm: Kick-off & Hack (introductions, form teams) Saturday, March 1 5:00pm: Prototype Forum (show us what you built!) 6:00pm: Closing 6:01pm: Go home and sleep :) *Please note this is a 24-hour, overnight hackathon. Organizers provide: - Catered food + snacks throughout the hackathon - Reliable wireless - Comfortable venue - Mentors - Prizes You need: - A team! (minimum 2 per team) - Laptop - Test devices (iPhone, Android, wearables, etc.) - Cables, chargers (all that connector stuff) - Software / Programs / APIs (we encourage downloading this beforehand, so you get started with your idea right away)
Vancouver BC Canada
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March 07, 2014
Challenge OpenStack on openSUSE OpenStack is a project implementing a cloud platform, aiming to meet the needs of any type of cloud (public or private). The heart of OpenStack provides IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to deploy software that uses hardware on demand, depending on current needs. A well-known service using IaaS example is the VoD platform Netflix and in the case of Netflix, one hour to the next, the number of customers using the VoD may vary by millions, and it is therefore necessary software and infrastructure used this service to adapt; More broadly, almost all popular services used on the Internet are now based in one way or another on the IaaS. A project such that OpenStack is necessarily complex, and its modular architecture (with, among others, keystone, glance, cinder, neutron, and nova horizon) allows great flexibility, but makes the deployment somewhat difficult. See diagrams on The objective of this challenge is to deploy a mini-cloud using OpenStack 2013.2 release (Havana ) on openSUSE 13.1. This cloud will rotate so virtualized on your computer (and will therefore launch a virtual machine from what is already a virtual machine), and deployment must use at least the following components: keystone, glance, cinder, neutron (with linuxbridge plugin) and nova (with KVM virtualization). At first, a turning on a single virtualized cloud node may be implemented, but the goal is to have at least a second node "compute" to launch instances. obviously There are many ways to deploy and configure OpenStack (directly from git, using packet or with existing tools) - the path is free! To measure the quality of deployment and configuration tool tempest OpenStack (which contains hundreds of functional tests) should be also configured and used to generate a log with the results. Prerequisite: a computer with at least 8 GB of RAM. Introduction: OpenSUSE 12.3 is slated for release in March. In preparation, a group of people will gather for a 2-day hackfest at the SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. More details including hotel, Nuremberg information and more will be posted as soon as full details become available. It takes place from Friday 19 to Saturday 20, hosted by SUSE at the office at Maxfeldstraße 5 in Nue. About the meeting In short: goal is to squash bugs, polish up some features, close the seams to make it all look and work well. We have a list of about 240 bugs to work on and hope to significantly reduce that number. Bug query Chat in #opensuse-factory There will be snacks, food and fun in between the hacking. We will have a G+ Hangout, starting at 10:00 CET, stopping at 12:00 CET for lunch and continuing around 14:00 CET until an undetermined time. Practical details Hotel The openSUSE Team will book the hotel. All should be arranged by now. The hotel will in Nuremberg, walking distance from the office where we meet. Travel Tips Weather By the time you arrive, Nuremberg is COLD. Rainy, windy but not unlikely snowy and icy too. Dress warm! Agenda We will begin our meetings Friday at 9:30 a.m., Saturday around 10:00. Each day, a Google+ Hangout is opened around 10:00 as well so people can join remotely.
Rue Pasteur Le Kremlin Bicetre France
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March 21, 2014
Attn All Hackerz Save the date! Oc Hackerz will be holding a hardware / software hackathon event at the brand new location of Eureka Building in Irvine. This will be a weekend event of fun and learning with the goal of creating a startup product at the end of the event. They'll be inviting all their favorite designers, coders and engineers that they've met along the way and you will all have access to their expertise. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided as well as plenty of schwaag. The first place team will receive a VIP tour of SpaceX! You'll be taken behind the scenes, where few have been, and see where and how SpaceX turns raw materials into rockets. Agenda: Saturday, March 22nd 9 AM - 10 AM Registration / Breakfast 10 AM - 11 AM Intro / presentations 11 AM - 12:30 PM Hacking 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch 1:30 PM - 7 PM Hacking 7 PM - 8 PM Dinner 8 PM - End of Day More hacking Sunday, March 23rd 9 AM - 9:30 AM Breakfast 9:30 AM - 12 PM Hacking 12 PM - 1 PM Lunch 1 PM - 6 PM Hacking 6 PM - 8 PM Presentations 8 PM - 8:30 PM Judging 8:30 PM - 9 PM Awards Lyft will be providing $25 credit towards the cost of anyones first ride. Just download the app and use Promo Code: H4VS8T They look forward to an amazing event.
Irvine CA United States
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February 14, 2014
The Turing Test Tournament designed and built for the 2013 On the Same Page program has been a huge success, but the TTT Team believes it can be even better with your help! Register for the Chatbot Hackathon to learn how to upgrade the Bots in use in the Turing Test Tournament, making the competition harder, and more exciting than ever before. You'll even have the chance to win prizes for creating the most human bot! Learn how to build Chatbots with renowned artificial intelligence programmer and ChatScript language designer Bruce Wilcox as you compete to create the most human chatbot! Register for the Create Your Bot Hackathon to discover how you can create and upgrade your chatbots for use in the Turing Test Tournament. Not only will you be able to pit your bot against others in the Turing Test Tournament, but you can also win great prizes for your bot’s performance! Bruce Wilcox, winner of the 2010 and 2011 Loebner Prize with his Chatbots Suzette and Rosette, will be returning to judge the competition and assist in the creation of your bot. Food and refreshments will be provided, and winning teams will receive Amazon gift cards. The Turing Test Tournament is an online chat game for UC Berkeley’s incoming class of 2013 co-developed by the Berkeley Center for New Media and the On the Same Page program. Launched in August 2013, the Turing Test Tournament is the UC Berkeley chat-based version of Alan Turing's famous test for machine intelligence. The Create Your Bot Hackathon will take place in 340 Moffitt Commons from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday, February 15th. If you’d like to find out more about the project or are interested in sponsoring the Turing Test Tournament, please contact us at [email protected]
Berkeley CA United States