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15 05
May 15, 2015
We are hosting 4 hackathons in 2015 as part of our program directed at driving innovation in Australia's resources sector. Unearthed is a company based in Perth, Western Australia, that works with global mining and resource companies offering innovative solutions to their challenges. We have already put on one hackathon event this year in Perth, Western Australia and have 3 more hackathons in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The next hackathon we are running is in Brisbane from 15-17 May. I'd like to feature all of these hackathon events on your website and encourage developers in each city to attend. Please get in touch with me for more information. The official link for the next Brisbane event is: Regards Mikey Kailis
Brisbane Queensland Australia
25 04
April 25, 2015
Think of the Speed Hack as a hackathon "on steroids". We think it’s a very effective, practical and fun way to promote APIs to developers. There will be a limited number of API providers you might recognize, each having defined a tough, strictly time-limited coding challenge. Teams of 3 developers will compete to solve the challenges and increase their scores over three hours. The team with the most points wins. In case of equal points, we will have special tie breaking challenges.
Berlin Germany
21 05
May 21, 2015
Celebrating the 150th birth day of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius with 48 hours of creative coding. In Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Rotterdam ZH Netherlands
17 04
April 17, 2015
evoHaX brings together students from various universities around Philadelphia to develop web accessibility solutions in a 24-hour-long Hackathon. The event focuses on creating awareness about web accessibility among student developers, and tackling the challenges people with disabilities face accessing information on the web. Subject matter experts are also part of the event to share their knowledge and experiences. The event helps build a collaborative environment where student developers can showcase their skills by creating apps, plugins and products that potentially improves lives and makes a real difference.
Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
26 04
April 26, 2015
WE BELIEVE BANKING COULD BE SO MUCH MORE FUN. New technologies have turned our daily habits upside down. How we connect with others. How we read the news. How we purchase goods. WHAT ABOUT OUR MONEY? What if banks were using the full power of digital innovation? What would dealing with our finances look like? WHAT IF YOU WERE PART OF CREATING THIS FUTURE? Let's build beautiful and disruptive products for the banking of tomorrow. Join us for a 30 hour hackathon with like-minded people in Europe's hottest FinTech city.
Frankfurt am Main Germany
11 04
April 11, 2015
Llega la primer maratón developer de MercadoLibre a Uruguay.
Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
13 04
April 13, 2015
The Alternative Commission on Social Investment is an initiative set-up to investigate what’s wrong with the UK social investment market and to make practical suggestions for how the market can be made more accessible and relevant to a wider range of charities, social enterprises and citizens working to bring about positive social change. It reports in March 2015. Two days of intensive collaboration will build on the findings of the Alternative Commission to design, develop and deliver practical and tangible new products, services or initiatives to the social investment sector. Participants will work in teams to brainstorm and prioritise ideas, rapidly prototype and test them, design and develop those that are considered viable and then launch them (fully or in beta) to the world. Organised by the team behind the Alternative Commission on Social Investment, The SROI Network, and Marmalade, we welcome all those from the social investment community who are serious about fostering positive change in the sector. Places are limited to 35 and to make sure we get the right balance of people we are asking anyone interested to email (hello(at)marmalade(dot)io) and outline why you’d like to attend and what skills and experience you can bring to the mix.
Oxford Oxford UK
10 04
April 10, 2015
The Annual NYUAD International Hackathon is a three-day programming marathon, during which renowned international computer science professors, founders of successful startups, technology professionals, and venture capitalists come together at NYUAD to lead teams of talented computer science students from all over the world (the majority of the students will be from the Arab world), to create mobile and web applications. The teams will develop innovative applications relevant to diverse fields such as health, education, film, music, business, and science for the benefit of social good in the Arab World.
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
22 05
May 22, 2015
Where pet and tech collide for a weekend in St. Louis. Changing the pet industry one click at a time.
St.Louis Missouri United States
11 04
April 11, 2015
The local Glasgow event for the global NASA International Space Apps Challenge. SpaceApps is a hackathon based around challenges put out by NASA based on open data, space, and the environment. All are welcome, and there may be another venue nearer you. If not, virtual participation is welcome, just check out the website.
Glasgow United Kingdom