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June 20, 2014
We’re assembling 100 of the most talented women and men for an exclusive edition of Startup Weekend on June 20 – 22, 2014! The entrepreneurial talent we see from the women in our community is inspiring, and we are excited about co-hosting an event that will showcase co-creation of the most innovative minds in Chicago. The Startup Weekend Chicago experience is being re-imagined. Our intention is to provide an event where men and women can connect, combine and renew each other’s resources and capabilities to create value through new forms of interaction, service and learning mechanisms. LEARN: Attend a MVP Bootcamp June 9th to get us all in the building mode. Chicago coaches and mentors guiding teams from ideation to co-creation. COLLABORATE: Meet 100+ talented and diverse people and build long-lasting relationships. Join a global community of over 45,000 Startup Weekend alumni. UNITE: Get one-on-one time with thought leaders in your community. Pitch to like-minded people committed to launching a startup in 54 hours.
Chicago IL United States
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When? Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 16:00 UTC Paris at 18:00, San Francisco at 9:00, New York at 12:00, Moscow at 20:00, Mumbai at 21:30, Shanghai at 00:00 (Sunday). Check your local time here. Where? 100% online How? You'll have to solve 2 programming puzzles (19 languages available to code). The duration of the contest is about 3 hours. After the contest, your source code will fall under GPLv3 license and will be available to other participants. What for? To see how you stack up against the best hackers! (the contest gathers more than 2000 coders from everywhere, every month) You can join the competition for fun, or you may want to get noticed by our sponsors and apply to job opportunities you like. Your participation will remain anonymous after the challenge unless you choose to communicate your personal details to the employers you selected.
12 07
July 12, 2014
Open Notice Initiative is hosting a Open Data Control: Converge-A-thon: Mixer and Hackathon on July 12th & 13th, 2014 in Berlin, With satellite events in Tel Aviv , New York & San Fracisco. With a Virtual Venue from MIT Media Labs: Human Dynamics Group. The invitation is open to everyone to attend, present projects and/or compete to create a hack projects. On Saturday the 12 July, we will have a Convergence Event full of panels and speakers in the feild of data control and transparency. Hack Projects and concepts will be presented on Sunday, where judges (to be announced) will vote on the best project. With a prize of £500.00 to be awarded. ****** Everyone is invited to come and get involved, particiapte, and even view remotely. Remote participation and cross team development is being encouraged, we are looking for projects, data sets and volunteers to build common legal and personal data control tools for the hackathon. People are encourage to join a project and work with people in any of the locations, competitions will require at least one team member to present to judges on Sunday July 13 at 4:30 PM. a location, and that project will then only compete against projects in that same location. Doors Open at 11:30 am on Sat - and goes late .Then the hack competition continues, with special guests and discussions Again at 10:30 am on Sunday goes until 6 pm Sunday Night.
Berlin Germany
02 07
July 02, 2014
MassDOT and the MBTA are excited to announce a 4-week data challenge that will release the MBTA's late night ridership data as well as a new version of the API for the T's real-time data. Purpose The goals of the challenge will be to highlight the MBTA’s late night service as well as see how it and other on-demand services such as Uber are contributing to Boston's culture shift towards later hours. The City of Boston is exploring how to offer more amenities later into the night to make itself a more attractive destination for people to live and work; one that is not restricted by traditional hours of operation. MassDOT and the MBTA want to know how late night service is changing the way people think about accessing and traveling around the city. On a parallel track, the MBTA has released a new API for real-time information. The new API is an exciting improvement for developers that currently access the MBTA’s real-time data, because the common platform will allow for the visualization of all of our data on all modes side-by-side in one application. The new MBTA-realtime v2 API integrates predictions and alerts together for MBTA subway, commuter rail, and bus in one easy-to-use interface. Check the GitHub site for information on the API's new formats, calls and fields. They make it easier than ever to develop a wide variety of applications using MBTA data. Find out more on the API at the data challenge GitHub site: Goals Explore the ways that late-night MBTA service is being used, opening opportunities, and changing the region Promote new apps that use integrated real-time and alert data for MBTA subway, bus, and commuter rail service Schedule Friday, June 20th: late-night data and description of new API become available Tuesday, June 24th: demonstration version of new API available to work with Wednesday, July 2nd: Q&A and Team-Building Meetup Wednesday, July 23rd: Close of submissions Wednesday, July 30th: Award Ceremony Data *** New MBTA-realtime v2 API Added on 6/24 *** The new MBTA-realtime v2 API integrates predictions and alerts together for MBTA subway, commuter rail, and bus in one easy-to-use interface. Check the GitHub site for information on the API's new formats, calls and fields. They make it easier than ever to develop a wide variety of applications using MBTA data. Go to LateNightT on GitHub for: * Late-night ridership data for bus and subway in 15-minute increments * The new MBTA-realtime API * Licensing information from the City of Boston, including all liquor license holders with permitted closing times, maximum capacity, and location We also want to direct you to the City of Boston's Data Portal at data.cityofboston.comfor a full range of open city data
Cambridge MA United Kingdom
05 09
September 05, 2014
A 1-day conference for Hong Kong Coders. We want to; share our skills and opinions inspire each other with our passion build a closer, stronger community We are a group of programmers from Hong Kong. We meet up once a month to have a few talks, and chat.
Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR China
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June 27, 2014
Rivcodes means "Riverside County Developer Event" and refers to our application programming event (Hackathon) that we are having to create applications based on open data. App contests have become popular fueled by President Obama's Open Data policy and the need for better ways to communicate with citizens. Examples of applications that have been created at other agencies are: "Where to find services", submitting a crime tip to the Sheriff's department, reporting potholes, a checkbook showing how the County spends money, and many others. The Goal: One day… one goal…and many ideas! Learn about local government and the services that are provided and determine how you can make a difference. Join your peer designers, software developers, and innovators and participate in a day of fun, food, and technology. Using Riverside County datasets, build, design, create, and share new concepts and apps that will improve civic engagement. Submitted apps can run on the web, or on mobile devices. Take home one of many awesome prizes for creating the best app and/or innovative concept. Who knows – your ideas and initiative could spawn the next successful technology startup, or launch your career in public office! Tap the power of community creativity, technology and government transparency – and let the ideas flow! The purpose of SAM is to introduce a character that can filter the techno-babble and clearly explain upcoming RCIT projects so our customers and constituents can better understand and see the benefits of the new products and technologies we will be implementing. We are seeking to develop new ways to communicate with our constituents, provide easier tools to find out information about the county and easier ways to do business with the county. SAM represents RCIT’s goals to be Simple, be Aware and be Mobile. Simple: Make technology simple so it works for you. Aware: Information that is relevant to you and others. Mobile: Bringing the solutions to you wherever you need them Additionally, we will attempt to incorporate the County’s goals of being business friendly, safe and healthy whenever possible. Sam’s job is to inform and entertain. SAM will make it easy, every step of the way by communicating in simple, easy to understand language on complex technical topics. The hackathon will help SAM show Riverside County’s commitment to technology, increase awareness around open data, reach out to citizens and allow them use of public data.
Riverside CA United States
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October 09, 2014
HackZurich will be the largest hackathon Switzerland has ever seen. 300 young tech enthusiasts from all over Europe will come to Zurich for a weekend of creating and learning. You will team up to create a web, mobile, or hardware application during a 40 hours non-stop hacking marathon. Whether you're starting from the basics or exploring the depths of your technical knowledge, HackZurich is the place to develop something new, explore that ambitious craving in your head, or just work on something you don't normally work on. The event takes place in Zurich, Switzerland from Friday, October 10 to Sunday, October 12 this fall. We will release the exact location and a detailed event schedule soon.
Zurich Switzerland
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October 16, 2014
The Inventathon is a 24-hour competition to create and pitch the best solution to a healthcare problem. It can be a mobile app, an embedded device, or a conceptual drawing. You can use whatever tools you want, and we will have mentors from during the competition to offer feedback. Open to all. No experience necessary.
Los Angeles United States
26 09
September 26, 2014
BigRed//Hacks is the first ever student-run, large-scale hackathon at Cornell University. Across three days, students from all across the northeast will gather to build the coolest and most innovative projects, meet amazing people, and win some prizes along the way! We encourage all developers regardless of technical ability or hackathon experience to apply. Admission and food is free for all hackers. You don't have to signup with a team, but it's certainly more fun! We allow teams of up to four people (they don't have to be from the same school), and while they can be specified on the application, you won't officially create your team until the event. If you don't have a team yet, we'll host a social before the hacking begins for you to meet other amazing people. We want BigRed//Hacks to be fun and fair for everyone. Your project should be started from scratch and worked on only during the 36 hours, and you may only incorporate outside resources (code, graphics, sound, etc) that are freely licensed and accessible to all participants equally. Of course, maintain a positive, respectful attitude to your fellow hackers throughout the event.
Ithaca NY United States
12 07
July 12, 2014
WHAT? Present an idea, form a team, and create an app that will change how we use data! Compete for a chance to win up to $15,000 in cash and an opportunity to join Tata Communications' Accelerator Lab at NestGSV! Tata Communications and nestGSV invite you to turn your big data ideas into applications, customer support, loyalty programs, customer insights, user experiences and new products and services. Redwood City and London will be hacking simultaneously for 24 hours! HOW IT WORKS! • Come and pitch your idea at the Launch and Team Formation Party on July 8 at 7 PM. • Get feedback, vote for the best ideas, and form your team! • Data sets for the weekend will be released and mentors will be at the Launch to help you polish your app ideas. • Come back on Saturday 10 AM to start hacking with your team PRIZES! • $30,000 in prizes and the opportunity for incubation at Tata Communications' Accelerator Lab at nestGSV • Grand prize for the Global Winning Team: $15,000 • Best App in each city: $5,000 • Incubation Prizes (3 spots available): 3 month incubation in Redwood City • $5,000 in Spot Prizes Live streaming! Game corner! Giveaways! Gourmet food! WHEN? July 8, 7 PM @ nestGSV: Launch and Team Formation Party Note: You must attend the Launch Party if you want to participate in the Data Hack! July 12, 10 AM: Come back and start hacking! Overnight hackathon - bring your sleeping bag July 13, 10 AM: First Round of Judging and Local Winner Announcement July 13, 11 AM: Final Round of Judging: Simultaneous Demos in Redwood City and London July 13, 12:45 PM: Global Winner Announcement WHY? Find the next great idea in data to improve international communication. Tata Communications will provide data that you can use for the hack! Better customer relationships, incident management, targeted marketing… don’t forget that you can multiply possibilities when crossing the provided data sets with other open data! One single challenge: Imagine the next big idea in big data and communications!
Redwood City CA United States