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16 09
September 16, 2015
Everyone is invited to come and learn more about the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) app challenge, register to participate, and meet prospective team members. The Challenge: Develop an app that would be distributed to the companies in the travel and tourism industry to provide them with a quick and easy way to report suspicious activities related to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). About The mPathy Project: The mPathy Project is a WebServes initiative focused on the use of web and mobile technology to address pressing challenges to the most vulnerable sectors of our world’s populations.
New York New York United States
21 11
November 21, 2015
<Br/eak>Poverty is Canada’s first International Development hackathon that connects developers in Toronto and Nairobi to build applications on web and mobile that benefit individuals living in rural and impoverished areas in East Africa. Hosted at Bitmaker Labs in Toronto, with Kenyan Attendees teleconferencing in, teams create meaningful projects from scratch in just 28 hours. We enable teams to make something great with our wide array of mentors and sponsors. Come join 200 developers from November 20-22, 2015 in bringing information, technology, and resources to those who need it most.
Toronto Ontario Canada
21 08
August 21, 2015
Ideamart in collaboration with Department of Electronics and Telecommunication of University of Moratuwa is hosting 3rd annual MoraHack hackathon on 21st and 22nd of August from 5 pm till 10 am at Dialog Head Office Auditorium. 10 teams include from IT faculty, computer science engineering department and department of electronics and telecommunication engineering and will be competing for the ultimate MoraHack championship title. This years projects range from SMS/USSD applications to IOT based and complex augmented reality / virtual reality to wearables which will be using at least one Ideamart API.
Colombo 02 Non-US/Non-Canadian Sri Lanka
17 10
October 17, 2015
Co-design, create, innovate and metamorphasize the healthcare process; come disrupt with us!! The Latino HealthCare Forum, Center for Healthy Communities, is excited to kick-off its official healthcare hackathon, cultivateHEALTH. It's a collaboration of social and technical innovators, scheduled for Oct. 17th and 18th at IBM. The blueprint for healthcare is overdue for a re-design, join us to revolutionize it. Our goal is to enhance the user experience, improve population health, and reduce healthcare costs. Join us to solve issues individuals battle each day in the healthcare space. We need everyday super heroes, including social advocates, passionate innovators/designers, and technical masterminds to join our cause. We have partnered with multiple organizations that are revolutionizing and pushing for change, including IBM BlueMix, City of Austin Office of Innovation and Open Data, University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, Sendero Health Plans, Bluehub Health, Rundberg Community representatives and the St. David's Foundation. Personal stories for the hackathon will revolve around various obstacles taken from families and individuals within our community. THESE stories are the food that will feed your creativity and overall passion to fundamentally transform healthcare issues. Each project will be available on our site to help each innovator decide what issue they'd like to advocate for and develop solutions to address specific needs and pain points. A group of local superheroes, including community workers and health care experts, will be available to provide their expertise and overall experience in the subject matter. Register now to receive updates and giveaways for attendees and project winners! We will provide food/beverages and swag bags filled with MANY FREE items from local vendors and businesses! Check out our website at: FAQs What can/can't I bring to the event? -No outside food and beverage (unless health related) -Bring your own laptop and/or any device you use for programming -Bring your ID for confirmation of your registration Here's information to prepare all technical innovators on the IBM platform used for hackathon: IBM - Bluemix Sign up and get a sense for IBM Bluemix ahead of time. Bluemix is IBM's PaaS which is where all of the Watson services are called from. 1) Sign up at ( Upon signing up you'll get a 30 day free trial 2) Bluemix getting started! ( 3) Check out the bluemix docs ( 4) See tutorials ( on how others have built Watson apps on Bluemix 5) Technical resource for Bluemix services ( 6) Integration Testing 7) Bluemix and Node.js IBM - Watson Get ahead of the game on IBM Watson services. 1) Check out the documentation ( 2) Getting started with IBM Bluemix and Watson ( 3) Hook into the Watson github ( to see sample code and apps 4) Sign up for Bluemix ( and test the Watson technology
Austin Texas USA
28 08
August 28, 2015
The first Swiss open-air hackathon. 48 hours to find ideas and to create amazing projects evaluated by our panel of experts. The value of money prizes is above CHF 10'000 thanks to Tipiù, AGE, BancaStato and CP Start-Up. A special prize for multimedia projects will be awarded by RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera.
Chiasso Ticino Switzerland
31 10
October 31, 2015
Boston Hacks is Boston University's top hackathon. For 24 hours on October 31 to November 1, 500 students will come to Boston University, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch. Imagine and create the most impressive hacks during the weekend!
Boston Massachusetts United States
19 09
September 19, 2015
This hackday is officially sponsored by Docker and is part of the Docker Global Hackday. Everyone is welcome. Details on the Meetup page. Rules : As a team of 1-to-3 hackers, you will hack on a project using Docker or its infrastructure plumbing (runC, Notary) as a central piece. You will have exactly from 8am on Saturday, September 19th to 8pm Saturday, September 19th to complete this project. This window includes the time to create all materials needed for your submission.
Dublin Ireland
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November 12, 2015
Future of Web Apps (FOWA) Boston is THE event for developers who want to take advantage of the onslaught of real time data coming to their organization. With a healthy blend of technical sessions and high level strategy, #FOWA is a chance to get hands-on hacking experience with the newest technologies, software and hardware. Learn how to build apps for the exciting new platforms that will help your company dominate the market and run efficiently. After a day and a half of speakers and insights from industry leaders, join in our Hackathon with access to our keynote speakers for advice and inspiration. Expect an awesome afternoon of collaboration and inspiration. You've learnt the theory in the session - now put it into action with an afternoon of hacking fun!
Boston Massachusetts USA
07 08
August 07, 2015
Are you a security pro? If so, $100K is waiting for you. As a secure cloud solutions provider, we are looking to work with skilled security practitioners and hackers such as you to continually improve security. Our engineering team claims that their final product can guarantee no data breaches. Now, we want to put this to a test. If you win this contest, you will get that $100K, or we will accept their claim and give them a bonus. This event will be an offensive type of Security Hackathon wherein a participant (or a group of maximum 3 participants) will have to locate and decrypt a target document found in the server environment setup by SurMD. We will be providing you the login details for the administrative account. For more details on the structure of this Challenge, please read the section on ‘How to Participate’. Challenge our security standards as we design the next big thing in security together. If you are confident of your security skills, hacker skills, or math skills, or you are just interested, signup today, as the stakes are high. The winner gets to walk away with $100,000 in cash! ELIGIBILITY: This challenge is open to Individuals (any individual worldwide who is at least 18 years of age at the time of entry); - excluding employees of the Company and members of their immediate families or friends, and - excluding entities (and their personnel and consultants) that provide services for the Company and anybody else who has signed a NDA with the Company or has had access to this Challenge material). HOW TO PARTICIPATE: • Register for this Challenge at by providing your email address. This will ensure that you will receive important updates on this Challenge. • Read all the documentation on this Challenge and understand it prior to the launch of this Challenge. You will be required to sign the Rules agreement in order to accept that you’ve read and understood all the terms listed. Please send an email to [email protected] if you’ve any questions. • Keep an eye out for the email with your administrative account login details around the start time of the Challenge (Aug 7th, 2015, 8am PST). o Participants will be provided with a web link and administrative user login & password exactly at the start time of the Challenge. o The participants will be required to login to this web link and hunt for a document stored on the Challenge server. Details on how to identify the target document will be sent to you via email along with your administrative account login details. (Please note: a public notary will hold this document throughout the Challenge.) o The participant will need to locate the target document, decrypt the content of this document, and email the decrypted document to [email protected] Please submit your results by the end of Challenge (before 11:30pm PST August 9th, 2015) o The notary will confirm whether the decrypted document received matches the original content of the document. o If there is a match as per our Rules, you will be declared the winner and notified by email on the next steps. REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION: Please send your submissions to [email protected] Your submission must include: • The name of your submission • Individual or team members' full names • Attachment of the target document that you were able to locate and decrypt RULES: The Agreement and all the Rules for this Challenge in its entirety is located at
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MyScript is excited to announce the MyScript App Challenge, an online hackathon for developers. The competition provides developers with a chance at $20,000 in prizes. For this global competition which runs August 5 – October 28, 2015, developers are invited to build applications that demonstrate practical and innovative use cases where handwriting technology can be leveraged, be it an app for education, a game, a new productivity tool, or even a new use case not previously envisioned! Participants must create an app using APIs available in the MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK) or Application Toolkit (ATK). For more information regarding rules and eligibility, developers can visit