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FwdCode is a non-profit organization which runs college hackathons promoting unity and social good. For 24 hours, hackers from around the country will gather together in one location to create, network, learn, and solve some of today's most pressing issues.
30 09
September 30, 2017
DO!Hack is an interdisciplinary Hackathon. We not only focus on developers but also on designers and electro-technicians. By doing so we hope to get not only the ideas and viewpoints of developers but also help each subject area to understand the others. Of course you don't have to be a designer, developer or electro-technician to be able to apply to DO!Hack. We focus on students and pupils who are at least 18 years old and who are interested in studying in one of these subjects. In our opinion Hackathons are to learn and to be a part of a team but also to do mistakes in a secured environment. During the event our 200 applicants have 24 hours to develop a project in a team. We will not specify the projects. If you have a good idea you're free to build a team and make your own project. But don't panic if you don't have an idea. Maybe you'll find someone with an idea in which you are interested in or a team you like to work with and brainstorm together. Of course, you can also talk to our sponsors for inspiration. Also, if you run into any problems during the development, we'll have a whole lot of mentors to help you.
Dortmund NRW Germany
14 09
September 14, 2017
Join the RESI Hackathon on September 14th at the Celtic Manor in Newport, Wales. Developers, designers, makers, as well as leaders in the UK’s housing division are being asked to team up to reinvent tomorrow's residential health and safety sector to prevent another Grenfell Tower tragedy. The challenge? Develop prototype apps or solutions to: - Improve the health and safety of residential schemes; - Create solutions for residents and landlords to respond to health and safety concerns; - Create communication or management tools to be used during a crisis. Your accommodation will be provided on September 14th, you will receive an exclusive invite to the Gala dinner the night of the 14th (great networking opportunity), plus you will be able to attend the RESI conferences on September 15th. Take your shot at the £1,500 prize pool + a chance to demo in front of the UK’s biggest names in the housing sector by signing up today!!
Newport United Kingdom
15 09
September 15, 2017
What The Data!?” is one of Germany’s biggest hackathons for Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Energy. About 100 attendees will come together for a whole weekend in September 2017 to work in teams on data-based models and digital applications. The event will take place at the Energie-Campus in Hamburg-Bergedorf, one of the latest research facilities, allowing usage of real-time data of all available state-of-the-art energy-installations and industrial enclosures, from a BMW E-Drive to a combined heat and power (CHP) plant and elevators to a novel wind power plant! Plus, we are having some amazing industrial partners, who will bring their products and devices! TenneT, TE Connectivity, DB mindbox, Harting MICA and many more will define challenges and give away sweet prizes, not only Bitcoins! Join the “What The Data!?” for free by signing up at #HackItAll See website for more info! Your What-The-Data-Team
Hamburg Hamburg Germany
21 10
October 21, 2017
The AEC Technology Hackathon is organized for programmers, web developers, and AEC experts to collaborate on novel ideas and processes for the AEC industry and beyond. The Hackathon aims for attendees to learn new skills, generate new ideas and processes for the AEC community through data-driven design and customized applications. The 2017 AEC Technology Hackathon Challenge is focused on bringing in libraries and technologies from cross-industry sectors to result in an open-source application made relevant for the AEC community.
New York City New York United States
23 09
September 23, 2017
Organizamos una experiencia única para el desarrollo de soluciones digitales para la salud, de forma colaborativa y en un lapso corto. En una jornada muy intensa y llena de energía grupos multidisciplinarios prototiparán soluciones a los principales retos globales de la salud, con un foco especial en Argentina y Latinoamérica. Los desafíos son: GUARDIA: soluciones para mejorar el acceso de los pacientes DATOS: proyectos con datasets para una salud de calidad INTEGRACIÓN: propuestas de intercambio seguro de datos
Rosario Santa Fe Argentina
08 09
September 08, 2017
InsurTech Hartford and Upward Hartford have come together to help create a fun-filled, engaging event on September 8,9, & 10. This Hackathon Weekend is a 48-hour event designed to take you from idea to MVP over the course of a weekend in one of the hottest growth industries - InsurTech. Over the last 3 years, VCs invested over $5B into InsurTech startups. Hartford, known for its insurance industry leadership, is a great breeding ground for young companies and entrepreneurs. InsurTech offers great opportunities, and we are bringing it to Hartford.
Hartford Connecticut USA
29 09
September 29, 2017
Fin septembre prochain, Amgen organise son hackathon autour de la thématique du cancer et l'optimisation de la communication patients-soignants. Votre mission : Développer des outils digitaux pour faire en sorte que les patients atteints de cancer, hospitalisés, en ambulatoire ou pris en charge à domicile, puissent être continuellement accompagnés, rassurés et suivis par le corps médical, sans redondance ni oubli : - Prise de conscience du patient non accompagné au jour le jour - Pouvoir faire en sorte que le patient à domicile se sente autant en sécurité qu’à l'hôpital - Trouver des solutions pour faciliter les échanges entre les différents intervenants - Faciliter le passage de l'hôpital à la maison En une phrase : optimisez le "patient journey" Plus d'infos sur le site officiel de l'événement :
Paris Ile De France France
02 09
September 02, 2017
CoreNet Global Australia Chapter is inviting the next generation of transformational talent to participate in building the Future Workplace at their first Hackathon which will be held on September 4-5, 2017. Whether you’re an engineer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, marketer, student, or from any other discipline, this event is for those interested in being a part of shaping the future workplace – whether for a landlord, service provider or end user.
Melbourne VIC Australia
12 08
August 12, 2017
| THE PROBLEM | 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE, including me and you, EVERY DAY spending BILLIONS OF HOURS watching cats videos, sharing pictures of food and getting likes. Imagine if we could turn these BILLIONS OF HOURS INTO GETTING NEW SKILLS AND NEW ACHIEVEMENTS! It is our responsibility to change the trend. Our World needs more smart engineers, scientists, teachers, different kind of professionals and smart people. Let's unleash the true power of the social networks! | THE SOLUTION | A social network where it is considered cool to increase or acquire new skills, a new increase in physical activity, read new books, acquire new knowledge, etc. NOOBSTARS - is a decentralized social network on Blockchain, where people sharing activities, finished books, new achievements and getting NSTARS for this. ============================================================== The Noobstars blockchain Hackathon will be financed via ICO (initial coin offering), on the and FIRST PLACE: $100,000 USD Plus the opportunity to head the development department at Noobstars. And an all expenses paid trip for 3 team members to Noobstars first meeting in Moscow. SECOND PLACE: $30,000 USD Plus the opportunity to join Noobstars team. And an all expenses paid trip for 3 team members to Noobstars first meeting in Moscow. THIRD PLACE: $10,000 USD Plus the opportunity to join Noobstars team. And an all expenses paid trip for 3 team members to Noobstars first meeting in Moscow.
Moscow Russia