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14 09
September 14, 2017
CIJA US joined forces with BIRN and Talks 2.0, to challenge extremist narratives in the public discourse throughout the Western Balkans – in particular those disseminated online – and to equip critical voices in the target countries with the skills, know-how and resources to counter radicalization, the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremists and other dangerous trends. Hackathon: Networking with inspiring participants from across the region. Pitch sessions to compete for project funding support. Tech trainings, content mentorship and keynote presentations from top experts and practitioners. Awards: 1st Place $10,000, 2nd Place $8,000, 3rd Place $6,000, and three additional awards of $2,000 each.
Durrës Albania
07 10
October 07, 2017
The HackElect will be held from 7 - 8 October 2017 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The event is free of charge and we would like to invite anybody who is interested in solving practical challenges within the electricity segment, whether they are hacksperts, students of electrical engineering, computer sciences, philosophy, biology,....or have a steady job already. Which are the topics covered? - Thermography and IR processing - Lightening Scalar web and mobile application - Scalar backend system implementation - IoT aware intelligent IP network’s behavior prediction - Smart metering electricity data analytics What are the benefits of being a part of the HackElect? - 10.000 € fund for first three teams; - Job opportunities; - Develop advanced solutions; - Create new products; - Master your skills; - Strengthen the community. Register today and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions! HackElect team [email protected]
Ljubljana Slovenia
30 06
June 30, 2017
Autour du gaspillage alimentaire, thème d’actualité, l’équipe CPA (Tbs) organise un Hackathon, parrainé par Newrest. Il se déroulera Quai des Savoirs, à Toulouse, du vendredi 30 juin 2017 à 18h au samedi 1er juillet à 18h. Newrest est l’un des leader mondial dans les solutions de catering et de restauration sur mesure : catering aérien, prestations de buy-on-board et de duty-free, restauration, bases vie, catering ferroviaire, concessions aéroportuaires et autoroutières, et services de support.Quai des Savoirs - 39 allée Jules Guesde - 31400 Toulouse Adresse de l’Hackathon: Quai des Savoirs - 39 allée Jules Guesde - 31400 Toulouse Inscrivez vous avant le 20 juin 2017 Vous pouvez être soit porteur d’un projet sur le thème choisi, soit participant. L’hackathon commence par une répartition en équipes regroupées autour des porteurs de projet. Vous vivrez alors une expérience unique et participerez à un travail d’équipe afin de présenter, à la fin de la journée, une version finalisée de votre innovation devant un jury. CONTRE LE GASPILLAGE ALIMENTAIRE TROUVONS ENSEMBLE DES SOLUTIONS
Toulouse France
29 07
July 29, 2017
We want you to create the next generation of immersive experiences. We want to see your vision of what the future of conflict in the year 2030 will be like. Allow your imagination to go wild and articulate how technology will advance from the current state to your future vision. DATE AND TIME Sat, Jul 29, 2017, 9:00 AM – Sun, Jul 30, 2017, 5:00 PM CDT LOCATION: Gather - Austin 5540 N. Lamar Rd. Austin, TX 78756 Ideas to consider: What problems can AR/VR help solve Can you create an immersive experience that helps understanding cyber conflict What would a space altercation be like How can Machine Learning predict/prevent social unrest Design a game that teaches better decision making How can we use drones and small satellites to prevent violence Make use of Artificial Intelligence to create win/win scenarios PRIZES First Place: $5000 Come to get noticed, get recruited, develop new skills and learn new things in one of our tech talks, make amazing new contacts, network, and hopefully... go home with some sweet, sweet moola! We will be awarding thousands in cash and prizes to the top winning teams, as well as other door prizes and raffles! Join us on SLACK: A confirmation email of your registration will be sent shortly following your submission. If the hackathon has reached full capacity at the time of your registration, your team will be placed on a waitlist to attend. If a spot becomes available, we will contact teams on the waitlist based on the date/time the registration was submitted. Each team will be responsible for their expenses to and from Austin, including transportation, meals, and lodging.
Austin Texas United States
27 06
June 27, 2017
On Tuesday, June 27, Senior Planet will host its first hackathon, a forward-thinking event that will challenge older people to become quick studies in design thinking, bringing their wisdom, creativity and knowledge of what it is to be older to a one-day contest. Design students from universities in the city will also participate. Our members responded so enthusiastically that we had to form a waiting list. There are still a few seats for people who bring design skills or hackathon experience. Apply here. WHEN Tuesday, June 27 10am–6pm WHERE Senior Planet Exploration Center, 127 West 25th Street, Manhattan WHAT Let’s come together to solve issues of aging in our society. Hack Aging is about brainstorming creative solutions—ones that have a good chance of succeeding. We’ll provide breaks, lunch and an afternoon snack. Plan on being there for the whole day.
New York New York USA
11 07
July 11, 2017
Music is becoming more digital every day. And Music Hackday is the stage to experiment with its changes and develop ideas for the future of music. Your challenge this time is to better connect the artist with his audience, on- and offline, realtime or over time. Your ideas will lead the way!
berlin germany
05 07
July 05, 2017
On July 5th & 6th, ConCarHack will take place during the ConCar expo in Berlin. A one-day hackathon where VDI is challenging developers to hack their best solutions in the field of connected mobility. One of the biggest trends in the automobile industry is the connected vehicle, and we want to see what can be developed over the course of one day. Create something new using your existing tech, or by using the provided tech and data. Whether you choose Car2Car, Car2X or Car2Mobile, participants are invited to come out and show us what they got during this one-day hack at Estrel Berlin. Not only is this the perfect opportunity for developers to show industry leaders what they can do, but winners get an amazing opportunity to present & have a booth at the ELIV conference 2017-- which is well worth over 7k!
Berlin Germany
12 06
June 12, 2017
GE Minds & Machines hackathon is a 2-day hackathon on a boat (yes a boat!) docked next to the Minds & Machines conference, on June 12-13 in Berlin. The mission is to develop sustainable IIoT applications to decarbonize the manufacturing and energy sectors using the GE Industrial IoT platform Predix. You’ll be given several data sources and Intel hardware to prompt your solution, as well as expert, self-guided online tutorials beforehand, to get yourself set up on the platform. Join for your chance to dip into the Prize Pool worth 50,000€ and benefit from a full day at the conference. For FREE REGISTRATION on, use discount code: bemyapp100
Berlin Germany
12 06
June 12, 2017
The platfrom is a co-creation vehicle merging our conventional economy with a more robust peer to peer economy. Users can search, connect, and transact with one another on one single sign on with verified digital identiy and reputaiton. Ambitious projects require ambitous programmers. Build it in London, own the IP, make £5,000, and deploy it globally. That's the gameplan. Here are the particulars... When: Hackathon starts June 12th @ 5pm up to June 30th @ 5pm. We're also working on a place to provide you all a much deserved beverage first. Location TBD. It'll be a coworking space. DigitalTown CTO Mark Cartwright will drop some knowledge too- make it educational. Winner announced at London Bridge. Why: You care about your city and want to build product to improve it. You also want to see your product used in over 23,000 other cites and just generally improve the better portion of humanity. Good on you. Also £5,000 doesn't hurt. We provided some guidance on the website. Check it out - Some rules: 1. Sign up here or on the website. One more time- "You should do this right now, otherwise you'll convince yourself not to." - Tony Robbins 2. Max team of 5. 3. You MUST include DigitalTown’s SmartWallet for authentication and user registration. 4. If the solution involves payment - again- use DigitalTown's SmartWallet 5. No MVP products that didn't pan out, fresh material folks 6. Follow rules 1-5 Final submissions can be sent to [email protected] Provide some context around the product. What inspired you to build it in the first place? Again stay tuned for updates on kick off party. Thanks, Your friends at
London United Kingdom
16 06
June 16, 2017
A two-day event loaded with innovation, tech, collaborative energy, industry leaders, mentors, great food, never-ending coffee supplies, and tireless facilitators. This is your chance to get involved in developing future solutions that harness the power of analytics and data visualisation to guide users through events, spaces, transportation networks, and other systems. The challenge of this hack is to create, publish, manage, and measure compelling audience experiences: “Design and build an interactive user guide to help users navigate a space, event, service, transportation network, or other connected systems. The guide should feature content delivery, statistics tracking, media, and an interactive interface (for example 3D rendered, picture-based, dhtml, or java).” A winner will be chosen at the end of the hack. The winning team will win an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C to attend the Microsoft Inspire event and present their ideas to the leaders of the cloud industry. Sign up for free at EventBrite:
London United Kingdom