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03 11
November 03, 2017
Worldpay challenges you to develop the next generation of payments within IoT. Providing access to its new open-source software development kit Worldpay Within: a software library with multiple language sockets, enabling the making and receiving of payments between smart devices., as well as Raspberry Pis and any tech you'd like to bring along, It’s Worldpay’s first 48-hour hackathon in Romania, and we’re here to show the world that Bucharest has a thriving community, and you can win part of the 13,500 lei prizepool :)
Bucharest Romania
03 11
November 03, 2017
Valencia Business Challenge seleccionará a las empresas valencianas más innovadoras (retadores). Su equipo de expertos trabajará, conjuntamente con los responsables de cada una de ellas en la elección y planteamiento del reto estratégico al que se aplicará el proceso de innovación. Con esta finalidad, se realizará un taller de co-creación junto con los profesionales implicados en el proyecto. Valencia Business Challenge convocará a jóvenes talentos a sumarse al proyecto, seleccionando a aquellos que puedan aportar más valor, tanto de forma individual como grupal, a cada uno de los retos. Se conformarán grupos de trabajo de entre 5 y 6 personas y se asignarán dos grupos diferentes a cada reto a fin de obtener perspectivas y resultados diversos. Si tu empresa apuesta por la innovación y cuenta con un portfolio de proyectos con ese objetivo, si contáis con profesionales en búsqueda constante de nuevas ideas y mejoras… Si consideráis que tenéis capacidad de exploración y relación con el exterior para mejorar la capacidad innovadora de la organización y contáis con procesos y herramientas de innovación… ¡Os esperamos en el Hackathon Valencia Business Challenge! Mándanos un correo a [email protected] Si eres curioso por naturaleza y quieres saber hasta dónde puedes llegar, si cuando te equivocas aprendes de los errores, si tus ideas destacan por ser diferentes e innovadoras, si eres capaz de aprender nuevas metodologías y tener un pensamiento transversal, si te gusta trabajar y centrarte en lo importante… ¡Te estamos esperando en el Hackathon Valencia Business Challenge! Apúntate a través de nuestro formulario de inscripción. Además de un premio de 3.000€ al mejor equipo, sentirás cómo es trabajar en una empresa innovadora, aprenderás nuevas metodologías y verás cómo tus ideas se convierten en realidad
Valencia Spain
20 09
September 20, 2017
ON[e]Life organises “Making Sense For Health BigData” a unique event for Artificial Intelligence in Life Science. This event includes a Hackathon and a Symposium on October 26th and 27th, 2017 in Marseille (Parc Chanot). The challenge is to create an app, a platform and/or a technology complying with public health needs, using big datasets through a dedicated platform. The objective is to build innovative solutions that improve our daily health combining life sciences and digital technologies, and artificial intelligence, in particular. To this purpose, ON[e]Life will provide datasets related to health, environment and food. Do you have ideas to improve our life, our daily care delivery or health research? Do you have skills to create intelligent and innovative solutions to support healthcare professionals, physicians, clinicians, or researchers ?
18 09
September 18, 2017
UNESCO 2nd OER World Congress Hackathon will pitch student POCUS interest groups from different continents with simple task; to create best, clearest, easiest to use educational materials to teach students medicine with the help of POCUS probe. Group competition and all other activities will take place online. All received projects in Hackathon will be collated together and given to humanity for free use in their medical education. We strongly believe, that only global collaboration can help millions of healthcare providers serve billions of people in need of basic, sustainable healthcare that will include POCUS as major diagnostic modality.
Ljubljana Slovenia
13 10
October 13, 2017
Tu es développeur, ingénieur, designer, marketer ou designer ? Tu aimes relever des challenges ? On en a un pour toi ! Prends part à House of Cars, le hackathon du Groupe Renault organisé les 13, 14 & 15 octobre —le défi ? 48h to hack the electric life, et gagne jusqu’à 5000€ ! Complexe mais complet, il te faudra créer de nouveaux services pour la voiture autonome, proposer des solutions pour connecter la voiture à la maison, ou encore trouver des solutions pour réduire la consommation énergétique, etc. Assiste à un hackathon pas comme les autres ; au sein du centre technique "Technocentre" du Groupe Renault à Guyancourt (78), tu auras à ta disposition un vrai terrain de jeu grandeur nature : voitures ZOE, électroménager, données exclusives, et même un simulateur ! D’autres surprises t’attendent sur le site de l’événement ;-) N’oublie pas de t’y inscrire ! Tu as des questions ? => [email protected] À bientôt !
Paris France
03 11
November 03, 2017
Hack K-State is a weekend long invention competition where high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from across the US show up Friday night and dream up an awesome website, mobile application, or robot. At the end of the weekend everyone gets to show off their cool creations!
Manhattan Kansas United States
14 10
October 14, 2017
Join us for a 1 day Hackathon Event at JVTP Research center in České Budějovice on October 14-15. You can enter the competition as a 2-3-member team or as an individual. The total number of places is limited. Data will be available through the REST API, and it's up to you what to do with it. You can use any web or mobile technology to work with. Topic: IoT, Big Data, Hydrology When: 2017, Oct 14-15 Where: FIEDLER AMS, JVTP Research center - Lipová 1789/9, České Budějovice #HackFiedler #IoT #BigData #Hydrologie
České Budějovice 2 The Czech Republic
09 09
September 09, 2017
We're hold a weekend only game hackathon using Vainglory's open data API. Join our Discord at to learn more about prizes.
New York Ny USA
06 10
October 06, 2017
SRM HACKATHON‬ ‪A 36 hour national level hackathon, in chennai on 6th & 7th October‬ ‪For more updates : ‬ ‪‬ ‪#SRMHack2017
Chennai Tamil Nadu India
08 10
October 08, 2017
The AFCEAHack’17 gives you the chance to be one of the first to hack a simulated real time visualized network! Your ultimate goal is to solve tasks and the teams with the most accumulated scores will be rewarded with cash prizes! There are also mini challenges waiting for you to win techy gifts and more! So if you want to be at the forefront of digital solutions for Cyber Security, enter our exciting 3-day Hacking Challenge! Sounds pretty interesting right? Show us your slick dev skills during this hacking challenge, running from October 9th to October 11th 2017 at Scandic Infra Hotel where you’ll be welcomed and fed as well! Get warmed up for dipping into the 5K prizepool! Are you up for the challenge?
194 61 Upplands Väsby Sweden