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January 18, 2019
Our hackathon connects students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals to collaborate and innovate with the goal of identifying agricultural issues and developing software/hardware solutions. This event will be held January 18-19, 2019, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, at Edwards School of Business.
Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
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November 21, 2018
We are looking for enthusiastic students who want to be involved in innovating new and exciting solutions in the Automotive industry. SAIC Motor UK is looking for driven and passionate students from the UK to participate in a Three-day team Hackathon event we’ve named ‘SAICOLOGY’. Successful candidates will be put into teams of three with the aim to produce great business models, prototypes and an innovative marketing pitch. At SAICOLOGY you can collaborate with fellow students to understand how digital trends such as blockchain, connectivity, internet of things, augmented reality and artificial intelligence can be exploited within the automotive domain.
Birmingham -- United Kingdom
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November 09, 2018
The City of Terrassa (Spain/Catalonia/Barcelona) organizes, together with ConnecThink Innovation and the support of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), the third edition of Hack & Health. HACK & HEALTH 2018 offers the opportunity to develop applications focused on improving the quality of life of citizens by making available to participants a set of open and centralized data in the field of health. Hack & Health 2018 consists of a first phase (Webinar) that will analyze the current IT challenges in the health field with the objective of orienting the participants in the real needs of the sector and offering them information on the available datasets, technical aspects of the event and complete teams. The second phase of Hack & Health 2018 consists of the "Hands-on-code" session whose main objective will be to find answers on 3 Challenges: Challenge # 1 - Impact of the Environment on "Sensitive" people Challenge # 2 - Prediction of the level of health actions in geographical areas based on sensorial information and its effect on "Fragile" people Challenge # 3 - Improve the efficiency of geographic localization of Home Care Services The Hackathon will be located in the facilities of the UPC to Terrassa - ESEIAAT - developing between Friday 9 November (15:30 pm - 20:00 pm) and Saturday 10 November (09:00 am - 20:00 pm). More info: Registration:
Terrassa Barcelona Spain
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November 24, 2018
Hatch is the UK's first 50:50 student diversity hackathon. Do you want an opportunity to make social impact by being part of a team creating business solutions that have a positive effect for people and the planet? If yes, attending Hatch will give you the chance to make a difference, and create a product to help solve one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Hatch is a 2-day innovation hackathon, leveraging diversity and technology to solve real-world problems and create social impact. The event will take place on the 24th and 25th November at the Ministry of Justice, London - this is not a 24-hour hackathon, so no sleeping bags needed! It is a fast and fun weekend, where you will be challenged, inspired and motivated by speakers, mentors and fellow hackers. Over the 2 days you will experience the entire lifecycle of a startup, from ideation to execution and pitch! You will have the chance to attend workshops; sharpen up your personal branding, and attend a Career Fair where you will have the chance to meet future employers! Hatch 2018 is for Coders and Non-Coders. At Hatch - We believe that when diverse mindsets and skill sets collaborate, amazing things happen!
London England United Kingdom
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November 10, 2018
88Nine Radio Milwaukee has joined forces with the Capitol360 Innovation Center for 88Nine Labs: Music Hackathon presented by Northwestern Mutual and powered by the Capitol360 Innovation Center. This Hackathon will take place the last weekend of Startup Week Milwaukee and will be held at the brand new Cream City Labs inside Northwestern Mutual in downtown Milwaukee. We invite developers, designers, and musicians to generate ideas for music discovery, music distribution, connecting fans with their favorite artists, how radio stations like 88Nine can help fans learn more about the music they love and discover new music. Sandbox License: Developers will have pre-cleared access to 14k UMG audio streaming tracks. Artists included in this catalog include old and new, and cross-genre: Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Hans Zimmer, Andrea Bocelli, John Williams
Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
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October 20, 2018
Let’s make some noise in Hackday’s first Audio Jam. Build a musical instrument, an Alexa weather announcer, or music genre identifier – anything project and tech goes, as long as it beeps, speaks, or bops. Calling all developers and sound makers. We’re hosting an online hackathon Oct 20-21 where you team up with people from all over the world to build fun and creative things around audio. $500 cash prizes to win and free to join. Registrations open now!
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November 23, 2018
Les 23, 24 et 25 novembre prochains, ne manquez pas #HackTonPso, le tout premier hackathon AbbVie qui vous mettra au défi d’améliorer le quotidien des patients atteints de psoriasis sévère ! Le psoriasis est une maladie chronique qui évolue par poussées, qui ne se guérit pas aujourd’hui, mais dont les symptômes peuvent être contrôlés. A l’arrêt du traitement, il y a un risque de rechute de la maladie. Comment faire pour que le patient continue à prendre son traitement sous-cutanée (injectable), même lorsque les symptômes ne sont plus visibles ? Trois axes sont à exploiter pendant ces 48h : Comment faciliter l’acceptation du traitement ? Comment générer une motivation au début du traitement ? Comment faire en sorte que ce traitement soit suivi une fois les symptomes disparus ? Vous êtes une start-up, développeur, marketeur, designer ou porteur d’idée ? Alors ce challenge est fait pour vous ! À la clé de ce challenge : 5 000 € à se partager et la possibilité de développer votre projet pendant 2 mois avec AbbVie.
Paris France
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October 17, 2018
"HackaTown" is looking for creative teams to design and implement innovative mobile, web or Cloud-based applications during a unique two days hackathon event (17-18 October 2018), collocated with the IoT Solutions World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain. Two European funded H2020 research projects working on IoT interoperability, symbIoTe and BIG IoT, part of the IoT European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI), have partnered together to provide this exciting opportunity for IoT enthusiasts and creative application developers to use several interoperable IoT platforms and technologies so as to implement and improve smart services and applications. The hackathon consists of three (3) challenges, two from symbIoTe and one from BIG IoT. We are looking for creative, interdisciplinary teams of 2-4 members that will be able to design, implement, pitch and demonstrate innovative software solutions. Experts on mobile/web app and cloud-based service development, UI/UX designers, as well as pitching/presentation skills are desired profiles of the team members. Ideally we would like to have teams already working together on IoT solutions, in start-ups, SMEs, or companies, but we don’t exclude teams from research institutes or universities. How to subscribe: - All participants are required to register themselves in the devpost site - All participants must declare their teams viaa dedicated Google Form, the latest by 15th October 2018 at 16.00 CEST. - Once all teams are confirmed, the organizers will contact the team leaders to provide them with free passes for the Expo so as to be able to join the Hackatown event.
Barcelona Spain
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October 20, 2018
La community di sviluppo dell’applicativo open source “igruppi” chiama developers, hackers e designers a contribuire allo sviluppo della propria piattaforma già in uso tra i Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale. Attraverso il codice si creerà un contesto di “innovazione aperta” dove il mondo digitale possa intrecciarsi a quello del consumo critico e consapevole e di una rete territoriale di organizzazioni e aziende, per far nascere sinergie e nuove possibilità. Il code sprint sarà accompagnato da incontri, conferenze, degustazioni e altri momenti pensati per presentare e conoscere esperienze innovative di economia sociale e solidale.
Reggio Emilia Italy Italy
02 11
November 02, 2018
Build awesome stuff. Learn something new. Help save the IRL. Hack the IRL is a 36-hour hackathon designed to inspire real tech solutions for the most biodiverse estuary in North America. Located right along Florida's Indian River, Hack the IRL will bring together students, technologists, and entrepreneurs of all ages to hack through the biggest environmental issues facing the Indian River Lagoon.
Melbourne Florida United States