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25 04
April 25, 2014
HackTheTownHall 2014 SATURDAY 26 APRIL 09.00 – SUNDAY 27 APRIL 17:30 In response to the recent flood disasters, this year’s HackTheTownHall will focus on creating apps and tools to help disaster emergency preparedness, response and recovery by residents, local agencies and governments. What it’s all about To make use of public (and some private) datasets –tidal and river level data, flood maps, groundwater and flood risk data etc. from the Environmental Agency, Ordnance Survey, the Met Office and other agencies, to build useful tools for citizens and governments to better cope with flood emergencies. Event schedule The hackathon takes place over two days, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April 2013. Saturday 26 April 2014 09.00-10.00: Registration and breakfast 10.00-11.10: Briefings (see below) 11.10-12.30: Group networking and coding 12.30–1.30: Lunch 1.30–2.00: Ninety second shout-out: say what you hope to build; say what resource you need to build it; invite others to join you 2.00 onwards: Coding Format Network with others to form teams. Use the shout-out to recruit team members. The maximum number in a team is four. The coding period runs from Saturday until 3.00pm on Sunday afternoon. Make sure to fill out a team sheet and begin to prepare presentations for the pitch. Software resources Devs may build their prototypes via native code, APIs or templates. You may use any data analysis, processing or visualization tool you need to build your app.
London London United Kingdom
28 03
March 28, 2014
Hackathon In this event you can join the Eclipse community to help improving Eclipse. No previous Eclipse development knowledge is required. In this event you can learn how to help Eclipse by: hacking the Eclipse source code testing Eclipse validating Eclipse bug reports If you are an Eclipse user, contributor or committer, we hope this event will be a lot of fun for you. Attendees can hack away with the help of experiences Eclipse developers and can help to improve the Eclipse platform and its projects. So, bring your laptop and be ready to see some code! Date and Time 2014/03/28 starting at 6:00 p.m. and ending approx. around 11:30 p.m. Projects We'll try to support the following solutions for this upcoming Hackathon: Target Platform for the 4.4.x build Team Project Set (*.psf) for an easy checkout of the sources Preparation It will be helpful if you register your user already for Gerrit contributions and make yourself familiar with the Eclipse platform. See lists of resources for futher information. Who Is Attending If you plan on attending, please add your name and email address to the list below. We use the email to notify you in case something changes. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to the organizers. Christian Hempe Matthias Mailänder, vogella GmbH Tobias Baumann Felix Heppner, oose GmbH
Hamburg Hamburg Germany
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April 12, 2014
The Plan: A one day weekend hackathon, 12th April 2014, in Swindon, UK at the Meadowcroft community centre. When? April 12th, 2014. 10:30 - 9:30pm (setup 10am, clear hall by 10pm) What for? (Suggestions) Hacking on DBIx::Class itself: A hefty prepared collection of tickets will be available to contribute to Ribasushi has volunteered a couple talks on DBIx::Class architechure (deeply technical), mebbe we can get mst as well.. Revitalize the effort to documenting DBIC in a more accessible manner Sorting out the website Playing with Data::Query (the new query language innards) Work on your own DBIC-based code with access to instant help from core maintainers. How many? The booked venue is a community hall and should have tables for at least 15 (they tell me). I've put 20 on the tickets so that we can plan for food etc. Will worry about extra if that problem arrives. Please book early to help plan! Budget/Sponsored: Breakfast/snacks/lunch Internet, if the venue has it available Local wifi network + server with CPAN Development environment on server available if required (you'll just need a laptop/tablet with ssh+keyboard) Room hire (tables, chairs, power) Attendee pays: Transport Accommodation (block booking may make cheaper, but only with planning). Evening meals
Swindon Wiltshire United Kingdom
11 04
April 11, 2014
What if SWIFT never existed? What if you were to build a completely new platform for financial transactions? Startupbootcamp FinTech believes in brilliant people, able to turn existing models upside down and come up with mind-blowing solutions in 48 hours. The focus of this hackathon is on payments. The rest is up to you. We're looking for the brightest coders, biz devs and designers ready to challenge the status quo, and come up with ideas to improve or completely rethink current payments processes, in 48 hours.
London London United Kingdom
31 05
May 31, 2014
This is our second City of Houston hackathon. You can watch a short video of the first hackathon here. This hackathon is Houston's contribution to Code for America's National Day of Civic Hacking. Using publicly accessible data, software developers can build applications that improve the quality of life for Houston's citizens. In Houston, open data has led to a data visualization of the general fund, as well as a data visualization of 311 service requests. Both projects got their start at hackathons. Publishing non-critical datasets allows the City of Houston to harness the power of our talented technology community.
Houston TX United States
19 04
April 19, 2014
We are happy to announce the first official MakeGamesWithUs Hackathon. We will be running the event out of the San Francisco Apportable office. Join us for 28 Hours of Game Development with SpriteBuilder! We are looking for Game Developers and Designers/Artists. If you attend as a developer you should have basic coding experience. You do not need to be familiar with SpriteBuilder now, you can learn it through our tutorials. If you are a developer you should bring a Mac Computer to run SpriteBuilder.
San Francisco CA United States
05 06
June 05, 2014
Discover the latest ways to add communications to your application, services and business processes; listen to expert speakers from around the world; see amazing new technologies; and meet the international community of telecom app developers innovating in communications. TADHack the only global meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create across the breath of tools and technologies available to developers in telecommunications. TADHack will be live-streamed from Madrid enabling teams to compete remotely.
Madrid Madrid Spain
23 05
May 23, 2014
Welcome to HACKAKL:Transport, Auckland’s first civic hacking event. This is an open invitation to designers, software developers, architects, activists, innovators or anyone who wants to be involved to participate in a weekend of ‘hacking for good’. In what we hope is the first of many, this event seeks to establish a community of innovators and developers who are interested in making an ongoing contribution to civic solutions that leverage open government data, from both regional and national sources. This is about thinking differently and leveraging the power of a community and creative problem solving. If we are successful, not only will we have some cool ideas and creative solutions, but more importantly, we will have formed a community (HACKAKL) within a community (Auckland and New Zealand ) that is willing to own the ‘civic hacking for good’ agenda going forward.
Auckland Auckland New Zealand
13 04
April 13, 2014
We’ve got an app challenge for you: Build a native mobile application (Android or iOS) that leverages our AT&T U-verse® Enabled APIs to let your mobile application communicate with the U-verse receiver. Our U-verse Enabled APIs allow your application to connect to a U-verse receiver, integrate remote control functions, channel tunes, enable next generation discovery, and display content on the television! To encourage entrants of this challenge to be as disruptive and innovative as possible we have broken the contest down into three categories: music, gaming, and wildcard. The wildcard category encompasses apps that will focus on everything—from TV navigation to social media to health-related apps—and allows you to exercise your application imagination. Make sure you bring your creative A-game.
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30 05
May 30, 2014
What makes AngelHack the best hackathon series on the planet? Developer bootcamps to teach Android and iOS development. 100′s of developers and designers at the event for you to work with. Incentives throughout the event to encourage teams helping one another. $100,000s in sponsor prizes. Fun toys and games spread throughout the venue. Great food and lots of it. Coding through the night (with pillows). Top teams entering the HACKcelerator pre-accelerator program. Sponsor awards, breakout sessions, and post-event parties Mandatory Demos. Banning of slide decks. And code reviews to ensure winning teams are within the rules.
NYC NY United States