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January 31, 2014
Kent State Fashion/Tech Hackaton: Wearable technology such as Google Glass, smart watches, fitness bands, and even light-up shoes are very exciting pieces of fashion and tech. This 24-hour hackathon is open to any college student and will have a focus on combining fashion and tech and creating cool products and concepts within 24 hours. Innov8athon is a nickname for our annual competition with a focus on creating new ideas and businesses, but with changing themes each year. Student teams will have the opportunity to compete for over $3,500 in various cash prize categories! Let's build something, Kent State!
Kent OH United States
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January 24, 2014
The CloudCamp Social Good Hackathon With the support of HP Cloud and Intel, CloudCamp invites you to turn your ideas into applications that are OpenStack® based and socially focused. Together with our hackathon partners, we ask you to combine your talent to build something that will have a social good impact and make a difference in people’s lives. Should you participate? Are you an idea generator, designer, developer, or have other super powers? If so, come, present an idea, form a team and create an app at our hackathon. This is your chance to make a difference for a cause that matters to you while competing for great prizes. What role will you play? 1. Idea generator: Have an idea that could improve people's lives? Pitch it on the first night and form a team! 2. Coder Vote for your favorite idea, join a team, and work on your app using OpenStack® to help you along the way! 3. Designer Use your talents to bring your team’s idea to life with an unparalleled design and user experience. 4. Secret weapon: Bring your marketing, project management, presentation, or other skills to give your team the extra edge it needs to win!
San Francisco CA United States
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May 30, 2014
What? Join us on May 30, 31 & June 1 2014 for Hack4Austin and the National Day of Civic Hacking! The event will leverage the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of our local Tech community to drive meaningful, technology-based solutions for Austin Kids . It demonstrates what’s possible when we all work together to strengthen our communities and will provide citizens an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially American: roll up our sleeves, get involved and make change happen. Who? Innovators, Hackers, Developers, Designers, Subject Matter Experts and anyone with a great idea to benefit Austin Kids! When? May 30, 31, & June 1 2014 Where? Tech Ranch How? If you are a company – Event Sponsor, API Sponsor, Prize Sponsor, In-kind Sponsor If you are a hacker / designer or aspiring hacker / designer- Register, Participate, Compete, Ideate, Brainstorm, mentor, learn Why? well, maybe we should be asking WHY NOT!? If you are a company this is a great opportunity to do lots of cool stuff. Engage in your local community for social good, and while you’re at it: Branding, PR, Influence, Visibility, Community, Innovation, Leadership, Collaboration, Team Building, Energy, Passion, and more If you are hacker or aspiring hacker or an individual who just wants to get involved this will be the place to be on the weekend of May 30. You’ll meet some very cool people, work on some cool projects that will benefit Austin Kids, and maybe even win some cool prizes or dare we say, CASH!
Austin TX United States
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February 21, 2014
One weekend to liberate BANES data, and make useful things. Improve your community: We think clever use of tech could enhance life in our community. But how? Bath: Hacked is asking the brightest and most creative people in our city to spend two days thinking, playing and hacking an untapped seam of BANES data to answer that very question. We know it's a big ask; this is a 2-day hackathon for people with ideas who aren't afraid to try. The spec is open: Make something useful. We're holding the hack in a top class venue with rock solid connectivity, there's food, beer, a £2k prize pot and an invite for the best to show off their achievements at The Bath City Conference in April. About what's the point of all this? BANES doesn’t have much history with open data, but they’d like to. Bath: Hacked is a joint council/community initiative to work out the nuts and bolts of making it happen. The event is intended to attract the brightest and most creative people in our city to spend two days thinking, playing and hacking an untapped seam of BANES data to see if we can use it to improve our community. We know it’s a big ask; the hack is for people who aren’t afraid to try. Amidst the headscratching, there’ll be fun and reward too: Prizes – There’s a £2k prize pot for the best teams (judging details to follow). City-wide Fame – The best team/s will be given space at The Bath City Conference to show off their skills and ideas to the wider community. Top class venue – The Guild is seriously nice working space for doing creative things. We have AV support and presentation facilities, breakout areas, lots of power sockets and many places to sit. Rock solid connectivity – Gradwell are supplying The Guild with top notch networking to keep your hack smooth. Free food – The council has promised no hacker will starve. There’ll be cake, coffee and refreshments throughout the hack plus a pizza-fest on the Saturday evening. Free beer – The council can’t put public money into boozing but the steering group have much lower standards and lovely sponsors. Drinks are on us. Who should come We’re inviting teams of 1-5 people to turn up and make great things for local people with tech. They will typically be: 1. Developers – can you wrangle code and make computers sing? We need you. 2. Designers – can you make the ugly stuff developers do look good? We definitely need you too. 3. UXers – can you make what developers and creatives do make sense to real local humans? You are very needed. 4. Data analysts – can you work a spreadsheet and find interesting things in numbers? We need you to find golden nuggets in local data. …and anyone else? Yes! Open data is public data – it’s your data. All members of the BANES community are very welcome so if you have an open data project you’re passionate about but have no tech skills, tell us anyway. You may have a tangible idea our hackers are desperate to hear and we will try to pair you with a sympathetic geek who can make it happen.
ba15aw Bath United Kingdom
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February 22, 2014
Imagine what technology and Gainesville citizens can do to find solutions for local issues – the possibilities are endless. Unite and hack for civic good! The City of Gainesville’s Innovation Academy Team is hosting Hoggetowne Hack, Gainesville’s first public hackathon. We welcome developers, programmers, and data analysts to use public data and compete in an app challenge on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014. For project ideas visit Gainesville's Open Data Portal. Come for the prizes [$2,750 to the top apps], free food, or to network with fellow local hackers. Visit the Hoggetowne Hack wiki for more detailed info [agenda, judging criteria and award categories]. An enthusiast about the Open Data movement but not a developer? Join us the same day for free educational opportunities, including a learning lab for the Open Data Portal and data jams.
Gainesville FL United States
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February 22, 2014
2014 THEME IMPROVE EVERYDAY LIFE The University of Miami IEEE and ACM would like to bring you UHack, a 24-hour hackathon (app creation event). UHack will take place at the end of Engineering Week, Saturday February 22nd, and finish the next day, Sunday February 23rd. Taking place at the University of Miami, we are open to any student from any educational institution who would like to take some time off their semester by making something fun and possibly win some great prizes from our amazing sponsors. All for FREE. This year, we are embracing EVERYDAY LIFE as a central theme for the apps and hardware hacks designed this weekend. And by everyday life, we mean improving all aspects of all walks of life. Want to make a new app to track progress at the gym or something that will help people cook or dress better? Go ahead. This is your time to work on that side project you've been putting off. Hack for 24 hours: UHack will be a 24-hour long event where all you have to worry about is your hack. We'll provide food, drinks (and caffeine), sweets, and comfortable couches to keep you going for that long. Oh by the way, we'll start giving out prizes every hour starting at midnight until 6am to keep you pumped up all night! Students Welcome: Are you a student? (You do not have to be a University of Miami student) Would you like to hack along with other students in an awesome community, use fun and great technologies, and create something new and useful in the world? UHack and the University of Miami open our doors and wall-outlets to you. So join us. Who knows? You might even win an awesome prize! UHack is also a great way to celebrate National E-Week. Engineering Week: Engineering Week is a week in February in which the students at the University of Miami celebrates engineering in all of its forms. Students from all departments at the college of engineering take part in a number of cool engineering events, culminating with UHack at the end of the week.
Coral Gables FL United States
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February 01, 2013
Learn Fashion's Biggest Challenges FEBRUARY 2-3 2013 Three finalists will present on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and the winning team will have the support of America’s premier fashion organization, the Council of Fashion Designers of America. THE WORLD'S FIRST FASHION HACKATHON presented by CONDE NAST!!! WHAT IS THE FASHION HACKATHON? The world’s First Fashion Hackathon on February 2-3 will connect developers, designers and entrepreneurs with insider knowledge on the Fashion and Retail industries. The goal? To create an app with the most innovative ability based on the Council of Fashion Designers of America's mission of supporting the overall growth of American Fashion as a global industry. Registered teams will learn many pivotal industry issues prior to the event, and will have the chance to kick-off the Hackathon with THE FASHION BRIEF — a Q&A with famous designers and executives representing top brands — at 11 am on Saturday. They will open the Hackathon competition with a discussion of the industry’s hits and misses. Teams will also learn what solutions they are craving for, the types of startup pitches they like the most and the ones they do not. Where? Alley NYC 500 7th Ave. Floor 17 New York, NY STRICT DOOR POLICY This event caters ONLY to those registered to participate in a Hackathon team (develop, design or marketing/ideas). Other attendees will only be allowed on Sunday, the Pitch Day.
New York City NY United States
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October 11, 2013
HELLO GEEKETTES! Ready to hack? Members of the Berlin & Hamburg Geekettes organization have joined together to create a hackathon like no other. This October, we will host the next all-women hackathon partnered with Coca-Cola. Hack Over 2 Days: On Saturday, we will commence a 24 hour hackathon and bring everything to a close on Sunday afternoon– sleep is optional ;) We will conclude the hackathon with demos and award winning teams with stellar prizes from all our lovely sponsors. Our weekend kicks off Friday evening with the Hackathon Prep School for participants who want primers on technical and design topics. Real Food, not Junk Food: How will you survive an all nighter of building, coding, and designing? With the right fuel & energy for your body! We’ll be providing healthy and tasty snacks and meals to keep your mind, body, soul balanced while hacking. Harmony is everything, especially when you’re busy coding. Relaxation and Exercises: It’s important to take a break every once in a while. Or maybe you just need to walk away from your work and exercise another part of your brain. We’ll have a designated relaxing area and a coach to help you stretch your muscles and reboot your body and mind. You’ll be needing the extra energy and focus for day 2, so make sure to pace yourself and remember to take a moment to breathe in and exhale. Namaste. We know most of you will participate in software hacks, but we also welcome hardware hacks and any other category you think of. We’re ready to build a product and work on a project for 24 hours surrounded by like-minded people. Programmers, designers and individuals with lots of great ideas are encouraged to apply. We want everyone to be successful, and for that reason, we need a nice blend of skills and talent. Everybody who wants to attend will be considered, but to ensure a good balance of people, we first review every applicant's profile.
10245 Berlin Germany
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January 31, 2014
Rules for Competing in TartanHacks 2014 Eligibility and Registration Eligibility To compete in TartanHacks, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled and taking classes at Carnegie Mellon University. If you have completed your undergraduate degree requirements and have begun a post-bachelors program you may participate in TartanHacks, but you will not be eligible to win prizes. If you are concerned about your eligibility to participate or win prizes, please contact us at [email protected] ahead of time to double check. Your participation in TartanHacks is entirely up to the discretion of the TartanHacks Organizers and ScottyLabs as a whole. Registration TartanHacks registration occurs in multiple stages. Registration is done on an individual basis (not in teams). Team membership will be recorded at the end of the hackathon, prior to demos. However, we strongly recommend that you find your team before hacking begins. If you are having trouble finding a team, you should attend our “Free Agent” mixer, which occurs on right after the TartanHacks Kickoff Event You must be registered to be eligible to demo or win prizes. Reserved Registration starts January 20th @ 7:00pm: Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students in their first year (Freshman) and women of all undergraduate age groups may register using the Reserved Registration ticketing options. Only a limited number of these slots are available, and will be released on a first come, first served basis. We will verify graduation year and gender status for these tickets, those who register through Reserved Registration accidentally will have their registration revoked. Those with the Reserved Registration status (Women and Freshman) who are not able to register during Reserved Registration will be able to register during Open Registration. Open Registration starts January 20th @ 8:00pm: All Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students will be able to register during this timeframe. Again, tickets will be released on a first come, first served basis. Once these tickets run out, students will be placed on a waitlist. See the Waitlist section for more information about the waitlist. Graduate For Fun Registration starts January 20th @ 8:00pm: Carnegie Mellon graduate students will be able to register starting on January 20th at 9:00pm. Teams of graduate students can participate in TartanHacks and demo their hacks, but they are not eligible to win prizes. Mixed Teams of Graduate and Undergraduates will not be eligible to win prizes. Students who are not enrolled full-time at Carnegie Mellon University are not eligable to register at any time. Those who attempt to register without full-time student status at Carnegie Mellon will have their tickets revoked. As such, we will not be reimbursing travel for any student. Confirmation There is no ticket confirmation this year, however we ask that students whose plans change and will not be attending, please alert [email protected] so we can let another student off the waitlist. Ticketing Tickets will be distributed by third-party company, Guestlist. Once registration opens you will be able to register via the "Register" link in the top navigation of Once your registration is complete, you'll receive a PDF ticket. We will be checking in students according to the TartanHacks schedule. All students must have a valid Carnegie Mellon ID handy to check in. Check-In Check-In begins on Friday, January 31st at 5:00PM. It occurs on the Gates-Hillman Complex Fourth Floor in front of the Rashid Auditorium. Once checked in, students will receive their TaranHacks T-Shirt and proceed to the Kickoff Event inside Rashid Auditorium. Afterwards, students may proceed to TartanHacks Hackzones on the 3rd, 4th, and 6th floors of the Gates-Hilman Complex as well as the Newell-Simon Atrium on the 3rd floor of Newell-Simon Hall. (Indoor connections can be made by the bridge on GHC 4.) Check-In is mandatory. Those who do not check in will not be eligible to win prizes. Waitlist Policy We expect to run out of slots available to students. However, if you are placed on the waitlist, you still have a chance of competing! On Friday (January 31st, 2014) we will begin clearing the waitlist. As we clear the waitlist, we will send out emails inviting you to attend TartanHacks and asking you to confirm your attendance. During Check-In, if there are extra tickets, people on the waitlist may claim those tickets. See the Check-In section for more details. Teams Teams can be made of up to 4 people. Hacks created by more than four people will not be allowed to be demoed, and will not be eligible to win prizes . We strongly recommend that individuals form teams prior to the beginning of the hackathon. You are only allowed to be part of one team. If you are having trouble finding a team, you should attend our “Free Agent” mixer, which occurs directly after the TartanHacks Kickoff Event. If you do not have a team when TartanHacks begins, you can look for teams that have space for extra members or speak to the organizers about matching you with a team. Team Assistance If a member of your team is unable to register (i.e., on the waitlist or missed the registration period), you must contact the Team Assistance E-mail Address ([email protected]) to explain your situation. At the discretion of the TartanHacks Organizers, non-registered team members will be allowed the register after registration has closed. TartanHacks Event TartanHacks 2014 will be on January 31st at 5:00PM EST. It will end on Saturday, February 1st at 6:00PM EST. What we will provide: Food, beverages and snacks Power Strips Wifi Testing devices (iPhones, Android devices, etc) What you need to bring: Computers Your Work In the spirit of the hackathon, work should be completed in the designated hacking zones throughout the Gates-Hillman Complex and Newell-Simon Hall at Carnegie Mellon University. If you need to hack elsewhere, let one of the organizers know. External resources, like online how-to guides, reference books and feedback from individuals are allowed. However, all documents, code, graphics and submission materials must be created by you and your team members 3rd Party materials, like graphics and images may be used in your product and presentation if they fall under public domain, creative commons, are licensed properly, or fall under fair use policies. Third party libraries are permitted if they are stated in the judging submission document as used, unless otherwise freely and publicly available to all teams. If you have questions regarding 3rd party help or libraries, please contact a TartanHacks Organizer by emailing [email protected] or in person during the event. Submission Guidelines and Presenting Your Hack All hacks should be able to be presented off a provided MacBook Air running Chrome, unless otherwise approved by a TartanHacks Organizer. If you cannot present using a provided computer, you will be need to notify the organizers during submission. TartanHacks will provide resources for you to learn to deploy your work to a provided web hosting service. There is no guarantee that you will be able to present using your own system. If you develop a mobile application, you are required to have a mobile device or emulator on which to present your hack. We will be providing dongles to connect (certain, 30pin-model) iOS Devices to the projection system. Otherwise you are free to use the Document Camera / your own computer. Your team is only allowed to submit one hack during the hacking timeframe. This is so you can concentrate on making the best app possible! Hardware-focused hacks are not allowed without the express permission of a TartanHacks Organizer. If you are concerned about including a hardware component in your hack, contact [email protected] If you want to participate in a hardware hackathon, we recommend that you look into Carnegie Mellon’s annual “Build18” hardware hackathon. You must complete a submission to the Audition submission system, available through TartanHacks' OnStage platform before 6:00:00PM EST on Saturday, February 1st, 2014. Hacks submitted late will not be eligible for prizes. Demo Timing You are required to present a demo of your hack to be eligible for judging. The time limit for each demo is 75 seconds. (However, the TartanHacks Organizers have the right to decrease total time provided to all teams if necessary to make sure demos don’t last all night.) Judging and Awards There are three types of Judges that will be evaluating your hack based on your demo: The TartanHacks 2014 Judging Panel Sponsor Judges The TartanHacks 2014 Organizers The TartanHacks 2014 Judging Panel will determine the overall First, Second, and Third place winners. This will be based off the goal, function of your submission, technical capability, ease of use, novelty and user experience of your submission. Sponsor judges will award one team a prize of their choosing based off a category of their choosing. TartanHacks 2014 Organizers will also award the First Penguin Award. The First Penguin Award is awarded to the team with the most “daring” hack, even if the hack was not entirely successful. Google “first penguin award randy pausch” to find out more. TartanHacks 2014 Organizers may also be chosen to judge certain sponsorship prizes. Final prize information will be made available during the TartanHacks Kickoff Event. Mixed Teams / Graduate Teams Teams with Graduate students in them would only be eligible for the Best Grad Hack award, which is prize-less. Disqualification If you are caught cheating, attempting to interfere with another team's hack in any way that is not constructive, or is malicious in any way, or begin acting against the spirit of the hackathon you will be disqualified from the event, and may not be able to participate in future ScottyLabs events. Final Calls Should you or your team be caught cheating, acting in a way that is contrary to the spirit of TartanHacks, or violating the Carnegie Mellon University Code of Conduct, you will be disqualified from the event and your submission will not be scored or considered for prizes. The TartanHacks 2013 Organizers have final say when it comes to use of 3rd party assistance, location of hacking, submission timing, disqualification, and all other issues or questionable situations that may arise.
Pittsburgh PA United States
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February 13, 2014
48 HOURS 1,200 HACKERS $30,000 IN PRIZES FREE transportation to Philadelphia, PA. It all goes down February 14–16, 2014 at UPenn. We'll provide the hack space, food, and awesome swag. PennApps is the premier college hackathon, hosted every semester at the University of Pennsylvania. A hackathon is an event where people who are excited about programming come together for a weekend and collaborate to build cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, and developers work in teams to create hacks and apps for web or mobile platforms — in our case, these creators are university students. PennApps is open to all current undergraduate, graduate, and high school students, including freshmen! You don't have to attend the University of Pennsylvania; you don't have to be a computer science major or even an engineering student, though it's best if you have some coding experience. You aren't required to have ever attended a hackathon before: we will have tech talks beforehand so you can ramp up quickly. You can come with a team, come by yourself and hack alone, or come alone and we'll help you find teammates. You need to apply to PennApps. The application for non-Penn students is unfortunately closed for the spring 2014 event. Penn students can still apply through the month of January. (The application has been taken down temporarily, but it'll go back up again in the next week just for Penn students.)
Philadelphia PA United States