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April 04, 2014
Welcome to hackNY Mission: hackNY aims to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community. hackNY Fellows Program: The summer Fellows program pairs quantitative and computational students with startups which can demonstrate a strong mentoring environment: a problem for a student to work on, a person to mentor them, and a place for them to work. Students enjoy free housing together and a pedagogical lecture series to introduce them to the ins and outs of joining and founding a startup.HackNY aims to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community. Co-organized by faculty from NYU and Columbia, and with a board of advisors which includes educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs, hackNY has since February 2010 organized the hackNY Fellows program and hackNY student ‘hackathons’ during the school year in order to create and empower a community of student-technologists. ORGANIZER: Evan Korth is a Clinical Associate Professor of Computer Science at NYU where he is faculty advisor to their chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and [email protected] as well as coach of the ICPC Programming Team. In addition to teaching some foundational CS courses he teaches Information Technology Projects, a course in which students solve real-world problems with NYC companies including some well known start-ups, and in 2006 he revived the long defunct Computers in Society course. Evan was recently elected by the community to the Board of the New York Tech Meetup, is a TechStars mentor, VP of the Internet Society of NY and a member of the investment committee for the NYU Innovation Venture Fund. Evan has been an active member of NYC’s startup community since 1999, helping to build two companies ( and and bring them to successful exits. Chris Wiggins is an associate professor at Columbia University and faculty representative both for Columbia’s chapter of SIAM (the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) and for Columbia’s ADI (Application Development Initiative). For several years he has coorganized a regular ‘Startup-Math Collaborative’ meetup, in which quantitative NYC startups present mathematical and computational real-world challenges to CU students, to introduce them to under-advertised career opportunities in NYC as well as to the excitement of solving real-world challenges. GENERAL MANAGER: Whitney Green is hackNY’s general manager. She graduated from Columbia Engineering in 2010 with a BS in Engineering Management Systems, and from Columbia’s Teachers College in 2013 with an MA in Higher and Postsecondary Education. She came to hackNY from Columbia’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where she was a Senior Admissions Officer. She’s also hugely involved in Columbia engineering’s alumni community, including in her role as President of the Columbia Engineering Young Alumni and as Manhattan Co-Chair of the Alumni Representative Committee. In short she’s worked hard for years at finding the best, recruiting the best, and helping Columbia alumni remain involved in their community. She now does the same for hackNY. EVENTS MANAGER: Matylda Czarnecka is hackNY’s events manager. She has organized a variety of hackathons locally, as well as globally with Yahoo! Developer Network. Matylda is a Syracuse University and NYU alumna and Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholar with a background in innovation in digital journalism. Matylda has written for publications including TechCrunch and PBS MediaShift, curated [email protected]‘s StartupDigest, and helped launch projects for the Economist, New York Times, and channel Thirteen. Matylda has also volunteered with ACM SIGGRAPH and chaired the Student Volunteers program. SUPPORTERS: The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Internet Society, New York SUPPORTERS OF HACKNY INCLUDES: 1. AOL Ventures 2. Andreessen Horowitz 3. DFJ Gotham 4. Venture Capital; 5. First Round Capital 6. Firstmark Capital 7. Google Ventures 8. Gunderson 9. Dettmer 10. IA Ventures 11. Lerer Ventures 12. Lowenstein Sandler 13. Square 1 Bank 14. Techstars NYC 15. Union Square Ventures 16. Columbia Technology Ventures (Columbia University) 17. ISOC-NY 18. Marks Paneth & Shron 19. NYCEDC 20. NYCIF 21. NYC Tech Connect 22. NYU Department of Computer Science 23. Wilson Sonsini.
Newyork NY United States
05 04
April 05, 2014
ABOUT: Hack Upstate is a weekend hackathon that happens twice a year (i.e. Fall & Spring) where developers, innovators and designers from Upstate New York come to Syracuse, NY, share ideas, form teams and build incredible products. MISSION: Hack Upstate intends to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York hacker community. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the growth of Upstate New York's technology sector, and to create a robust network of technologists and regional technology companies. PRIZES: 1. Grand Prize - TBD 2. Second Place Prize - TBD 3. Spark Core Prize - Best hardware / software product:2 Spark Cores 4. Dwolla Prize - Best use of Dwolla's payment API: 4 Raspberry Pi starter kits
Syracuse NY United States
14 03
March 14, 2014
Hack for Pasadena is two-days of open sourced talks and hands-on problem solving, to re-imagine the way the web, applications, technology, and community participation will shape the future of the City of Pasadena. Hack for Pasadena brings together the tech community with businesses, nonprofits, academia and city officials to work together to solve complex social problems through technology innovation. Anyone can pitch an idea or problem. Ideas may range from coming up with creative ways to address the city's biggest challenges like homelessness, transportation, crime, affordable housing and public safety, to beautification projects and business ideas that will make the city more livable. From there, small groups form to brainstorm solutions and start tackling the issue with design and code. Publicly accessible data sets will be used to support the solutions. At the end of two days, each group will present a workable solution that improves the daily life for real people in our community. DATA & IDEAS / SHINE The City of Pasadena plans to provide finance and budget data, traffic, transit, parking and permitting sets for use during the event. Descriptions of available data sets will be provided once confirmed. Is there data you want to request from the City? Send us a request and we'll work with our City of Pasadena partners to see what's available at [email protected] As fellow participants submit ideas through the registration process, we will post them here to spark your interest. Hack for Pasadena is an event that focuses on solving real problems in our community with technology. A solution could take the form of a new web page or mobile application. It could be making new municipal data available to the public online. A solution could even take the form of some new hardware device. There's no restriction on the implementation of the solution, as long as it effectively meets a need.
Pasadena CA United States
07 03
March 07, 2014
./hack BSidesPR The goal of this hackathon is the promote the development on security related tools, applications or services and server as a preamble to BSidesPR. Date: March 8, 2014 Location: Puerto Rico Science Trust (Blimp Headquarters) This hackathon is sponsored by: Obsidis Consortia, Inc TEAM REGISTRATION: Teams will have 1-5 members. Space is limited so pre registration is required. Teams must register the project scope and development tools.
San Juan PR United States
01 03
March 01, 2014
Are you a web developer, designer or a programmer who is interested in baseball? Or a passionate baseball fan with ideas? Boston Baseball Hack Day is on March 30, 2013, is the second annual hacking event where area baseball minds come together, form a team, and collaborate to create baseball-related project and bring an idea to life. The goal of the day is to bring creative minds into one room and see what they can produce within a limited time. The project could be (but is not limited to) a tool, simple web app, website, or data visualization. It is also a great opportunity to network and socialize among like-minded people. Projects will be judged by area experts, and a brief awards ceremony (with prizes courtesy of our sponsors) will conclude the program. New to hack days? No need to fear. There’ll be people of all skill levels and skill sets participating
Boston MA United States
21 03
March 21, 2014
Build Something Amazing, Bring Glory To Your School The inaugural Hacker Bowl will take place on March 22, 2014 in College Station. Hackers from across the state will battle for 24 hours to determine the best Hacker Team in Texas. Only one school can take home the Hacker Bowl Trophy. Will it be yours? Both non-students and students are eligible to compete for cash prizes in this free-to-attend event. As a bonus Seed Sumo, a new accelerator in Bryan-College Station, will be actively searching for startups who qualify for their acceleration program beginning in May of this year. Startups that are accepted may be eligible to receive between 20-50k seed investment. We'll provide free food, space, and access to amazing mentors. All you have to do is show up, and build something amazing! For 24 hours, individuals and teams from Texas schools including Texas A&M, University of Texas, Rice University, Baylor University, and University of Houston will compete for the Bowl Trophy to determine this year’s Texas school with the best up and coming programmers and designers. The winning school will have their names inscribed on the trophy before bringing it back to their school to showcase until next year’s Hacker Bowl. The Hacker Bowl is a statewide hackathon, presented by BCS Startup and AskU, designed to promote and inspire competition among the region’s best hackers. The Hacker Bowl, hosted in College Station, TX will serve as a battleground for hackers representing themselves and their Universities, as teams will be traveling from across the state to compete in web and mobile application design. The Hacker Bowl grew from AggieHack, a student run hackathon at Texas A&M which had more than 100 Aggie students participate in last year’s inaugural event. The upcoming event, expanded to include greater Texas, will be a two-day event beginning March 1st, with special presentations throughout. We are expecting at least 300-500 students from the state’s most prominent universities, competing for a grand prize. In particular, UT, Rice, Houston, Baylor, and Texas A&M are some of schools that will be present.
College Station TX United States
28 02
February 28, 2014
WHAT? 1. Are you ready to break into the hottest, most anticipated technology? 2. Are you a real hacker or developer looking for a real challenge? Want to join a kickass team? 3. Are you tired of hackathons where everyone participates just for the prizes, food, and swag? 4. Are you looking for a hackathon that is the real deal, all killer no filler, all skills no frills? Then come to the Bring Home the Beacon Hackathon, the FIRST EVER Beacon hackathon in the world and join the best of the best without all the rest. WHY? Beacon is a game-changer in connectivity and the next big technology of the future. We want you to think outside the box and explore where you can take this technology by creating real, quality apps. We will be providing various beacons you can work with donated by some awesome companies; also running a few workshops on Saturday and inviting bloggers to come see your apps! *****If you want to compete for a cash prize and load up on free food, sit this one out because this event is for passionate creators only; those of you who want to build something cool and geek out on beacons***** WHEN? Friday, February 28 7:00 PM Doors Open 8:00 PM Idea pitches and Voting of Best Ideas 9:30 PM Team formation around Best Ideas 10:00 PM First lines of code until closing at Midnight Saturday, March 2 10:00 AM Opening 12:00 PM First Video Interviews with all teams 8:00 PM In-house demo rehearsal 9:30 PM More code until closing at Midnight Sunday, March 3 10:00 AM Opening 12:00 PM Second Video Interviews with teams 5:30 PM Final Demos and Judging 7:00 PM Winner Announcement and Awards More information available at
San Francisco CA United States
23 02
February 23, 2014
We've got over $25,000 and counting worth of prizes to give away as part of the biggest hackathon at MWC! We've got 12 categories spread out over 3 days, so whatever you want to code and whatever platform you want, you've got lots of options. Enter one category or multiple ones to try and win more. The categories are spread out with staggered start and stop times, giving you the chance to decide when and how you want to take part. HOW TO TAKE PART If you think you've got what it takes, here's what you need to do: 1. Register for WIPJam -- you need to have a pass to participate! 2. Take a look at the categories and Flight times, and figure out which ones you'd like to work on. 3. Visit the Hacker League page for each category you want to work on, and sign up for it. This is important! It helps us know how many teams and projects to expect in each category, and to make sure we have enough test devices available and time to demo. 4. If you'd like, you can go ahead and post project ideas to the Hacker League pages, or post your profile. If you need more developers for your team, or you need a team to join, Hacker League can help! 5. Come to the hackathon -- pay attention to the initial pitch times for each category, because you'll want to come to these to hear details and tech tips from the sponsors. And if you need any last-minute additions to your team, this is the time to do it. 6. Hack, hack, hack! Get support from the sponsors and build your best apps! 7. Submit your project before the deadline via the Hacker League page. It's a good idea to provide some screenshots, images and descriptions of your app so the judges can refer to this info. You still need to have a working app. No slideware! 8. Come to the demo session on Wednesday, February 26. Make sure you're present to show off your app for the judges! 9. Winners will be announced at Fira Gran Via on Thursday, February 27. HACKATHON PITCH TIMES Flight #1 – 48 hours Info Session and Pitches: Monday 10:00am Starts Monday Noon, Ends Wednesday Noon Intel Common Connectivity Framework – Hacker League page (Register here!) Intel XDK and Mashery-powered APIs – Hacker League page (Register here!) Intel Android Game Development – Hacker League page (Register here!) GSMA Web Tech Hack – Hacker League page (Register here!) Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Hack - Hacker League page (Register here!) Flight #2 - 24 hours Info Session and Pitches: Monday 10:30am Starts Monday Noon, Ends Tuesday Noon Sony SmartWatch 2 Hackathon - Hacker League page (Register here!) Intel Galileo Board Hackathon – Hacker League registration needed, Galileo boards available on a first-come, first-serve basis, 1 board per team. Registered developers will be given preference for boards. Flight #3 – 24 hour hack Info Session and Pitches: Tuesday 11:30am Starts Tuesday Noon, Ends Wednesday Noon GSMA Innovation Mashup Hack – Hacker League page (Register here!) Flight #4 Info Session and Pitches: Tuesday 11:30am Starts Tuesday Noon, Ends Tuesday Midnight Intel Galileo Board Hackathon – Hacker League registration needed, Galileo boards available on a first-come, first-serve basis, 1 board per team. Registered developers will be given preference for boards. HACKATHON SCHEDULE (subject to change) Monday Hall 5, Level 0 10:00am Hackathon Pitches - Flight 1 (48-hour hack) 10:30am Hackathon Pitches - Flight 2 (24-hour hack) 11:00am Team Formation 12:00 noon Hackathon officially starts – Flight #1 and Flight #2 6:00pm Hackathon Room closes for the evening – go home and hack or head to the parties! Tuesday Hall 5, Level 0 11:30am Hackathon Pitches - Flight 3 (24-hour hack) and Flight 4 (12-hour hack) 12:00 noon Team Formation 12:00 noon Hackathon officially starts – Flight #3 and Flight #4 Submission Deadline - Flight 2 6:00pm Reception on Level 1, or keep hacking 12:00 midnight! Submission Deadline - Flight 4 Keep Hacking! Room open all night! Wednesday Hall 5, Level 0 10:00am Hackathon continues 12:00 noon Submission Deadline - Flight 1 and and Flight 3 (All projects now in) 3:00pm Hackathon Demos Begin 3:00pm Project Demos - Flight 3 and Flight 4 4:30pm Project Demos - Flight 1 Judging begins Thursday Fira Gran Via, Hall 8.0, Level 0 1:30pm Opening Remarks 1:45pm Award Presentations - Flight 2 2:00pm Award Presentations - Flight 3 2:15pm Award Presentations - Flight 4 2:30pm Award Presentations - Flight 1 2:45pm Final Wrap-up, and give away all remaining SWAG!!! HACKATHON RULES See the Official Rules here. 1. All participants must be registered and have a valid WIPJam pass. 2. Developers can form teams of up to 4 people for the competition. Teams can be formed via the Hacker League page for each category, onsite, or elsewhere. However, some categories allow only one developer per team. Please check pages for specific rules for each category. 3. Developers may enter in as many categories as they wish; they can enter the same app in multiple categories if the app meets the eligibility criteria for each category. 4. Apps must be submitted via the Hacker League page for each category. Each developer on a team needs to register on Hacker League and join the project. 5. Each app will be given a minimum of 2 minutes to demo in front of the judges and the audience. A list showing the order of demos will be posted, and each team must be ready to demo when it is their turn. If the team is not present or not ready, they will be disqualified. 6. Judging will be based on several elements: Originality of the Idea, User Interface, Overall Quality and Pitch Quality. Judges decisions for the winners are final, and sponsors have the final decision on winners of their own categories. 7. Please do not submit malicious, illegal, explicit or otherwise inappropriate apps. WIP reserves the right to disqualify any apps from the competition. 8. All apps will be subject to code review and examination. 9. Any teams not having fun will be punished severely :)
Barcelona Barcelona Spain
21 03
March 21, 2014
OVERVIEW: MIA Music HackDay is the first hackathon specifically dedicated to music industry APIs. Over a dozen APIs will be featured and available for use. Teams (individuals or groups up to 5) can compete for various sub-challenges over a 24 hour period and then demo their project after hacking ends on Day 2. The top 5 projects will be invited to participate the MIA Music Summit on March 24th, at the New World Center on Miami Beach. SCEDULE: March 22, 2014 9:00am - Breakfast & Check-in (and Idea pitches) 10:00am - Introduction and explanation of challenges & APIs 11:00am - Idea Pitches/Team Formation 12:00pm - Hacking Begins (Lunch is served) 8:00pm - Dinner is served (early challenge winners announced) 10:00pm - Doors Closed (you're either staying the night or heading home) March 23, 2014 7:00am - Doors Re-open 12:00pm - Hacking ends (mid-challenge winners announced) 1:00pm - Projected Pitches & Final Awards EACH PARTICIPANT MUST REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE BEFORE THE EVENT RULES: 1. All individuals must check in by 10:00am on Day 1 2. Ideas must be submitted (via video booth) by 6:00pm on Day 1 3. All ideas must register for the Project Pitch by 11:00am on Day 2 4. All ideas must use at least 1 of the participating APIs (others are welcome) 5. Participants must be present to win sub-challenges and/or final pitch 6. Teams cannot be larger than 5 people 7. Information on sub-challenges and eligibility criteria coming soon.
Miami FL United States
28 03
March 28, 2014
THE HACKATHONS 100% HACK 0% BULLSHIT THE CONCEPT HACK. The Fhacktory :: * are hackathons, competitions where the objective is to produce a prototype application in 24h chrono. At each event, the best hacks * + * won 5000 € price. Objective: prototype The goal of each team is to build a functional, testable at the end of the test prototype. This is the mandatory requirement to be classified: no prize will be awarded on the basis of a pretty PPT! Continuous assessment: Our panel of technical experts is present throughout the hackathon to help you in achieving your hack and award prizes to the most talented. Evaluation Criteria: Fhacktory makes it a point of honor to assess the implementation rather than the idea of ​​the hack: complexity & technology risk, rate of new code, any user acquisition. Open to all MAKERS No matter who you are, as long as you DO Hacker: Like the code (and / or hardware!) And you never let it stop a lib that you do not know. You build the world of tomorrow favorite `git push` ! (UI / UX) Designer: The Human Machine Interface is your thing. With a little Photoshop and CSS, you guide the user during his experience with your application. Growth Hacker: Market research is exceeded, you prefer to share: twitter, HN, reddit, ... you'll be the talk of your team within 24hrs ... and measure the returns! Bring your TALENT , we bring the FUN Concentrate on your code, it does the rest. Home comfort: Fhacktory lasts all weekend, so we arrageons to welcome you as it should be! Buffet (good) topped: What irrigate your neurons throughout the duration of the event, in quantity and quality. Distractions: Because you will also be there to have fun.
Cours de la Liberté Lyon France