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28 02
February 28, 2014
Goodie Hack is a project that focuses on assisting non-profit and civic organizations overcome challenges to their mission of helping under-served communities through innovative technology ideas. They are community-focused events which provide talented people from the tech, social, education, and political worlds the opportunity to collaborate on a project of choice that will benefit the community. WHY SHOULD ONE PARTICIPATE? If you'd like to use your powers for the greater good, then here’s how you can use your unique talents to affect positive change in under-served communities. Register now to hack your way to a better community for us all!] At the idea hackathon, ten (10) awesome non-profit and civic organizations will present their mission along with the hiccups associated with achieving it. Sixty (60) developers, designers, business people, teachers, community leaders, creatives, professionals, and everyday people will then split into teams and spend 6 hours brainstorming on ideas for web or mobile apps they believe will affect positive change. Developers can use any publicly available APIs in their apps. At the end of the five hours, each team will have 5 minutes to present what they have created and potentially have their project become implemented in the community. All participants are asked (read that as required) to stay from 9am - 6pm. AGENDA: 9am - 9:30am: Check-in + Breakfast 9:30am - 10am: Opening Remarks 10am - 11am: Design Thinking Session 11am - 12pm: Organization Pitches 12pm - 5pm: Team Sessions 5pm - 6pm: Team Pitches + Judging + Closing Remarks 6pm: Drinks!
Atlanta GA United States
08 02
February 08, 2014
EVENT DETAILS: Free Food and Free Beer! No sales pitch! No asking for your info! Are you interested in InfoSec, but find it hard to test your 1337 skills legally? Milton Security Group will be holding a Capture the Flag competition and we want you to come play! For this competition, team size will be limited to two people. This will be an offensive only category based game. The game categories will test each teams' depth of skill, breadth of skill, problem solving, and flexibility for different challenges. The team with the most points takes the prize. What is the PRIZE? Two 16g Nexus 7 tablets! The more people we get, the more often we can hold these competitions. So tell your friends and put your skills to the test. Don't forget! This is a points based game, so if you start late, there will be less points available. Specifics: Date: February 8th Time: Doors open at 2pm, Game play begins at 3pm Bring your own computer! It doesn't matter if it's a desktop or laptop. We're providing food, soda, and there will be craft beer on tap! Come to compete, or come just to cheer your friends on! There will be Xbox games available for non-competitors!
Fullerton CA United States
04 03
March 04, 2014
EVENT DESCRIPTION A hack night for anyone wanting to learn a programming language, hack on a software or hardware project, etc. We frequently see people learning and hacking on software projects using Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, Node, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, among other languages and hardware projects using Arduino. Our members include beginners working through the Learn Code the Hard Way or Code Academy exercises as well as experienced developers working on side projects.
Los Angeles CA United States
22 03
March 22, 2014
Cambridge Science Festival gives the public the opportunity to explore Cambridge Science. Thanks to the generosity of the University, our sponsors and partners, most of the events are free. The Science Festival aims to provide the public with opportunities to explore and discuss issues of scientific interest and concern and to raise aspirations by encouraging young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Last year, the Festival welcomed over 30,000 visitors to over 200 events and received extensive national and local media coverage. Over 170 event coordinators organised talks, interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, film showings and debates with the assistance of around 1,000 staff and students from departments and organisations across the University and research institutions, charities and industry in the eastern region. In addition, over 140 people volunteered their time to act as stewards to ensure visitors had a safe and enjoyable Festival experience.
CB2 1RP Cambridge United Kingdom
21 02
February 21, 2014
OVERVIEW: 1 Terabyte of data using a group or alone big data while solving problems awards to achieve, Amazon Web Services, Big Data consultants will be held by free education to attend big data using the most creative project to remove and top mentors and big data onto wanna talk, T2 Big Data I also expect to hackathon. Remember T2 Big Data hackathon an event just opened its doors to university students! Undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student matter of being, of being a student enough! T2 Big Data hackathon, the first objective is to provide college students to get acquainted with big data. SCHEDULE: 21,22,23 February 2014, Bilkent Cyberpark / Ankara 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Event Registration and Badge Distribution 18:00 to 18:15: Hello 18:15 to 18:45: Map / Reduce Training 18:00 to 19:30: Keynote and AWS Elastic M / R Training 19:30 to 20:00: Keynote Atlassian 20:00: Code Challenge competition debut 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Project to produce ideas 20:30 to 21:00: presentation of project ideas 21.00: Project competition debut 22:00: Sandwiches service 00:00 to 20:00: Contest continuation of 4:00: Sandwiches service 9:00: Sandwiches service 13:00: Sandwiches service 18.00: Sandwiches service 20:00 to 21:00: Project presentations made 12:00 to 13:00: Announcement of the results!
Cankaya Ankara Turkey
21 02
February 21, 2014
Feb 22-23/2014 at McGill. Cash prizes, Over 500 hackers. Tons of mentorship. À Montréal, mon chéri. Canada's official student hackathon SCHEDULE: February 22nd 8:00 AM General Registration & Breakfast 10:00 AM Opening Ceremonies 11:30 AM Hacking Starts & Lunch 4:00 PM Twilio's Sassy Samosas 8:00 PM Dinner February 23rd 12:00 AM HypeJar Midnight Munchies 4:00 AM HuffPostCode Hack-tastic Snack 8:00 AM Breakfast 1:00 PM Hacking Stops, Lunch & Judging 3:30 PM Final 8 4:30 PM Closing Ceremonies
Montreal QC Canada
22 02
February 22, 2014
BMW Motorrad is proud to support the organization of the Hack The Ride 24-hour Hackathon in Barcelona on February 22nd to 23rd, 2014, at the Mobile World Centre space in this city. OBJECTIVE The goal of Hack The Ride 24-hour Hackathon is to create cutting edge, innovative mobile applications for urban motorcycle riding. For this, we invite creative and passionate app developers and designers who enjoy urban motorcycle riding from around the world to enjoy 24 hours of unleashed coding experience. AWARDS Besides the fun and excitement to be part of this unique event, cool prizes will be awarded to developers of the best urban motorcycle apps. At the end of the event, the participants – individuals or teams of maximum three people – will present publicly their urban motorcycle app to BMW Motorrad and a selected jury of app and motorcycle experts. APP REQUIREMENTS The app improves primarily the urban motorcycle or scooter experience. The app should be developed as native mobile app that the driver or co-pilot uses before, during and/or after riding her/his motorcycle or scooter of any size or type (e.g. combustion engine or electric drive etc.). The app improves the motorcycle or scooter experience, explicitly using or owning a motorcycle (useless without using a motorcycle or scooter). APP CATEGORIES The apps can be of any category. The following categories are just given as orientation and are not meant to be limiting in any form. Contestants are free to imagine and provide solutions for other categories within the general challenge of improving the urban motorcycle riding experience. security safety navigation ride performance communication community information motorcycle status Special attention should be given to the ease of interaction for the user. Interaction may take place in any way, e.g. via touch, audio, voice, controller, buttons on bike, etc. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.- TERMS OF PARTICIPATION PARTICIPANTS Hack The Ride is open to all developers and designers of mobile applications with motorcycle experience. The number of participants is limited to 150. Participants should have app development expertise as coder or UX designer. There must be at least one developer per team to develop the working app prototype. Nevertheless, anyone interested in the intersection of motorcycle riding, cities, coding, and design, is welcome to participate. Participants must be older than 18 years. There are no limitations in terms of sex, nationality or country of residence. Employees of the BMW Group may participate but are not eligible for the awards. REGISTRATION In order to participate, individuals and teams have to register online at the Hack The Ride Microsite before February 17th 2014, 5 p.m. (UTC/GMT +1, Barcelona Time). Registration and participation is free. In addition to the online registration, participants will have to register in person at the start of the event with a valid personal ID. Participants may register as individuals or as teams. Each participating individual or team will be assigned a number. Teams can have no more than three members. There must be at least one developer per team. Teams can be formed prior or at the beginning of the event. During the event there will be a frame window during which interchange of team members will be possible. Instructions will be provided during the Hackathon. Registration implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. REQUIREMENTS FOR DEVELOPED APPS The App should be developed as native app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or any other mobile OS. The allowed languages of the app are English, German and Spanish. The app should be a mobile app to be used with mobile devices, e.g. via smart phone. Each team can only submit one app to be presented and rewarded at the event. The app cannot have been published prior to the event. The app has to be developed at the Hackathon event, but it is allowed to make use of publicly available API’s and data. Apps cannot be a copy and cannot infringe the IP of other apps. Each participant assures and will be held responsible that no IP is violated. 2. ACTIVITIES OF PARTICIPANTS / TEAMS The participants have to develop their app during the event. Participants are personally responsible of the authorship and originality of their proposals, guaranteeing them by the fact of participating in this Hackathon. To qualify for an award, the individuals or teams must present their app in a short pitch of 3 minutes or less to the jury at an assigned time at the end of the event. The whole team must be present at the time of the app presentation and award ceremony (see event Agenda) in order to be eligible for the award and to be allowed to actually present their application. The presentation must be in English. 3.- CRITERIA FOR THE EVALUATION OF APPS Entries will be judged by a panel of selected judges during the presentation based upon the following criteria: Value: does the app create value? How does the app improve the urban motorcycling/scooter driving experience? How important are the addressed needs? Innovation: is it an amazing new use case? User experience: does the app have a gorgeous user interface? Is it easy to use or to interact during the ride? Market: which/how many people who could be delighted with the solution? Integration: does the app make great use of motorcycle/riding data (motorcycle data through API, or use of controller, helmet, …) or other relevant data (public data, use of external API’s etc.) Quality of presentation: Make sure that the judges understand quickly your app, and what need it solves for whom and how. All submitted entries must be a functional app prototype. Participants have to ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of the data they provide about themselves and the apps. Falsity of data or breach of the requirements set forth in these rules will result in disqualification as a participant of the contest. We will disqualify, in our sole discretion, any entry that we believe contains any element that is malicious, corrupt, incomplete, inappropriate, ineligible etc. 4.- AWARDS 1st Prize: 1x 3.000 Euros for the winner or winning team 2nd Prize: BMW Motorrad equipment, value of about 500 Euros per team member 3rd prize: BMW Motorrad equipment, value of about 300 Euros per team member Finisher awards for every team and team member that presented its completed solution at the end of the event. We reserve the right to award additional prizes or change the prizes, at our sole discretion, provided that the value of the prizes shall not decrease. 5.- JURY The Jury will be composed by personalities in the area of design, mobile app development, technology and motorcycle. There will be also a representative of BMW Motorrad in the Jury. The Jury will evaluate the entries to be rewarded after submission of the app and presentation. The winner and runner-ups will be announced and rewarded at the end of the Hackathon by the Jury according to the event agenda. 6.- BRAND AND LOGO USAGE Participants will use the brands and logos of Hack The Ride according to the terms of this section. Participants are only allowed and encouraged to use the badges of the Hack The Ride 24-hour Hackathon Logo by using it on their personal webpages, Facebook pages and other social media supports referring to their participation in the Hackathon. The use of any other BMW logos is not allowed at any place outside the Hackathon. Any use that is deemed as inappropriate by the organizers may entail the disqualification of the contestant. 7.- INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY The apps will be released under LGPL License (Lesser General Public License). “You may copy, distribute and modify the software provided that modifications are open source. However, software that includes the license may be released under a different license.” ( Participants declare that their app has not violated any right of intellectual or industrial property of third parties. In the case that there exists co-ownership of the project or that works or knowledge protected with intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, the participant is responsible for obtaining the consent of all co-owners. The organizers reserve the right to request evidence of the consent of the co-owners and others for the use of the aforementioned knowledge or work under the terms set out in the Contest. 8.- IMAGE & FOOTAGE RIGHTS Participants in the Hack the Ride Hackathon authorise irrevocably and on a royalty free basis BMW Group and La Mandarina de Newton S.L. to use its image and/or video/audio in any publicity or marketing initiative or similar regarding this competition, in any media support, including Internet, and participants hereby undertake to subscribe any documents needed with respect to image and footage rights.
2, 08002 Barcelona Spain
21 02
February 21, 2014
The First Annual Compare Metrics + Leap Motion HackerExpo is a platform for up and coming software engineers to showcase their skills and abilities, and help promote themselves to a collection of companies in the Austin startup community. The intention is to allow developers/hackers to create shippable applications using a Leap Motion Controller following one or more of the 3 tracks offered: Discovery, Gaming, and Design. Compare Metrics is partnering with Leap Motion and Capital Factory to create an innovative hacking environment using Leap Motion's technology and foster the development of new applications. To win, entrants are required to produce a commercially viable web, software or experiential application that can be submitted for official approval to Airspace, the Leap Motion App Store. MFood and Drinks provided. More information is available here. About the Sponsors: Compare Metrics offers Adaptive Commerce solutions that drive next generation product discovery and allow consumers to forge their own distinct path to a buying decision. The solution scales merchandising to support every consumer shopping scenario while creating new intelligence into how and why your shoppers buy. With this new-found ability to understand and react to what customers really care about, retailers have seen increased shopper engagement, increased conversion, as well as improved relevancy and efficiency in demand generation and marketing strategies. Leap Motion™ provides a revolutionary new way for people to play, create, explore and learn with their computers. Leap Motion’s proprietary technology, invented by co-founder David Holz, can track the in-air movement of both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible accuracy and no visible latency. About the Leap Motion Controller: The Leap Motion Controller is a small, (1” x 3” x 1/2”) USB device that plugs into your PC or Mac to create a 3-D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely track the movement of your hands and fingers in the air. With Airspace, the Leap Motion app store, you have access to over 150 apps built for the Leap Motion Controller. There are apps in many categories allowing you to experience a new way to play, create and explore. Agenda: February 21,2014 7pm: Registration begins, food and beverage will be provided 8pm: Guidelines are discussed and Leap Motions are handed out 8pm-midnight: Hack 12am: Turn in Leap Motion devices for the evening February 22,2014 8am: Doors Open, Leap Motions will be available all day. 9am: Breakfast Served 1pm: Lunch Served 7pm: Dinner Served 12am: Turn in Leap Motion devices for the evening February 23, 2014 8am: Doors Open, Leap Motions will be available all day. 6pm: Submissions due for preliminary judging. 6-8pm: Beer!
Austin TX United States
21 02
February 21, 2014
CODE ACROSS HAMPTON ROADS 2014: Code Across Hampton Roads is a public service event produced by Code for Hampton Roads, a local chapter of Code for America. The event brings local government, community service and tech talent together to collaborate on pressing technology challenges that, if overcome, would make us better together. CodeAcross is a celebration of civic innovation experienced simultaneously in dozens of Code for America cities around the globe February 21-23. International Open Data Day is also this weekend. Our theme is "Beyond Transparency". Let’s take the open government movement one step further by bringing together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs to collaboratively create, build, and invent using publicly-released data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods and our cities.
Norfolk VA United States
03 04
April 03, 2014
A new hackathon experience Take what you love, fuse it with tech, build something the world has never seen. Camp is a place for creation, exploration, and imagination. At Bitcamp, you’ll have 36 hours to combine your curiosities and wild ideas with code and gadgets to make something awesome. Throw in world-class mentors and hundreds of peers from around the world, and you’re in for an amazing time. See you by the bonfire! Detailed Time is not released yet. Keep tuned.
College Park MD United States