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February 21, 2014
Miami FL United States
22 04
April 22, 2014
Join us for 48 hours of fun and excitement as top software teams race to uncover the hidden secrets of health care data> Health care is experiencing an unprecedented explosion in data. This special track at the 2014 SRIII Global Meeting will compare different approaches to health care analytics and generate useful real-world insights for health care providers and payers, academics, technology vendors, investors, and anyone else who wants to better understand the state of health care analytics today.
San Jose CA United States
10 04
April 10, 2014
For now, just visit and put in your email address. It's not settled yet.
CA United States
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July 11, 2014
Takeaway 1: Participants will collaboratively create new resources, such as mobile or web applications that make government data more accessible. Takeaway 2: Participants will work in teams of diverse professions to draft a plan and timeline for their project. Takeaway 3: Participants will utilize time management skills to complete their projects within the specified time. A hackathon is an event that brings together those with the knowledge of available resources and needs (e.g., law librarians) with those who have the technology knowledge to build new and unique projects, such as mobile and web applications. For this workshop, San Antonio programmers and designers will be invited to join with law librarians to use technology to transform a government data set into new resources that will increase the data's accessibility and discoverability. Teams of librarians and technologists will work collaboratively to plan and implement these projects. The main goals for this hackathon are to create new information sources for patrons and librarians using government information, and to build relationships between the two groups that will go beyond this event and encourage further collaboration in the development of information resources. Who should attend: Anyone interested in creating a new information resource, improving the accessibility and discoverability of government information, giving back to the community, and increasing their technology knowledge and skills
San Antonio TX United States
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February 13, 2014
The Annual NYUAD International Hackathon is a three-day programming marathon, during which renowned international computer science professors, founders of successful startups, technology professionals, and venture capitalists come together at NYUAD to lead teams of talented computer science students from allover the world (The majority of the students will be from the Arab World) to create mobile and web applications. The teams will develop innovative applications relevant to diverse fields such as health, education, film, music, business, and science for the benefit of social good in the Arab World. The goal of the NYUAD Hackathon is to promote innovation in computer science, tech startups, and the development of innovative technology for the social good. This event will provide an opportunity for students in the Arab world to experience the full cycle of creating a tech startup (sharing and generating ideas, pitching ideas, learning new platforms and programming languages, designing and developing mobile and web applications, and working with a team).
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
28 02
February 28, 2014
Little Oregon Laboratory is a weekend hackathon centered on the intersection of development and design. Sponsored and hosted by CrowdCompass by Cvent, you’ll have 48 uninterrupted hours to build the coolest, most effective tool you can dream up. The only rule? Keep it mobile. This is our first-ever hackathon, and we’re pumped to be gathering Portland’s top talent together for a weekend of innovation and camaraderie. We’ll keep you satisfied with local food, coffee and beverages so you can focus on the task at hand. Registration will be limited to 50 people, and we’ll be raffling off spots to keep a 50/50 balance between developers and designers. Total cost for the weekend is just $40, which includes your food, wifi and prizes. Payment will be accepted when you arrive in the form of cash, credit, debit, Square Wallet or, if you want to be that person, check.
Portland OR United States
23 01
January 23, 2014
COME HACK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH ENGINEERS FROM GOOGLE, MONGODB, VENMO AND MORE. We're bringing hundreds of students from Brown, RISD, and other East Coast schools together for a one-of-a-kind hackathon this January. Come to College Hill for 24 hours of designing, building and caffeinating alongside engineers from sponsor companies. Meet great people, connect with great employers, win great prizes and build something awesome.
Providence RI ‎ United States
24 01
January 24, 2014
Cal Poly Pomona's First Hackathon: About: HackPoly ‘14 is the first Hackathon to EVER come to Cal Poly Pomona. Organized by some of the largest technical clubs on campus, spanning 4 colleges and 6 majors, HackPoly is set to be the event of the year for ingenuity, technical skills, and creativity. But why? We believe that Cal Poly Pomona students have the brilliance and skills to build incredible, never-before-seen, industry disrupting products. This is where they can do exactly that. Who Can Come? All Cal Poly Pomona students are invited to register for HackPoly with their email addresses. What Does the Event Cost? HackPoly is set at a modest $7. This gets you in the event, a HackPoly T-shirt, 4 Meals, a ton of snack and drinks, networking with major companies and the chance to win some cool stuff. What Is The Format Of HackPoly? Do what you do best! Software hacks are a hackathon staple, hardware hacks are greatly encouraged. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness. What you'll get: 1. Full meals for the entire event duration 2. Unlimited snacks 3. An awesome hackpoly t-shirt 4. A chance to win awesome prizes 5. Meet genius people like yourself 6. Have an unforgetable experience
Pomona CA United States
26 01
January 26, 2014
Welcome to Princeton Startup Camp. Code. Design. Grow. What we're About Our core goal is to teach anyone skills valuable to a startup. Whether you have little programming experience or if you have attended multiple hackathons -- everyone can learn something new. Stay on campus for intersession and build a prototype that could form the basis of a startup in just a week. You'll get hands-on experience about both the technical and business aspects of doing a startup, and you'll add an awesome project to your portfolio.
Princeton NJ United States
01 02
February 01, 2014
MIDEM HACK DAY CREATIVITY & INNOVATION AROUND MUSIC For the fourth edition of Midem Hack Day, 30 of the best developers from around the globe will have 48 hours to conceptualise, collaborate, create, build and present a brand-new generation of applications (Software, Hardware, Art, Web…) that will demonstrate creativity and innovation around music. By using new technology, data and open APIs, the developers will show how they are changing the way people explore, discover, interact, and engage with music. LIVE DEMO SESSION After 48 intense hours, hackers will present their new music apps, hacks and projects built specifically for Midem Hack Day. MIDEM HACK DAY PROGRAMME 1. 9 Dec. 2013: Hackers application deadline 2. 1 Feb. 2014, 11.30-12.30: Introduction to Midem audience & Call for Ideas - Innovation Factory 3. 1 Feb. + 2 Feb. 2014: Hacking all day and overnight 4. 3 Feb. 2014, 11.00-12.00: Real-Time Demos / All the Hacks Unveiled! - Innovation Factory 5. 3 Feb. 2014, 16.45-17.30: Winner announced at Midem Innovation Show - Main Room
Palais des Festivals Cannes France