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07 02
February 07, 2013
About the Evernote Hackathon at Cal Poly SLO Are you a software engineer, web developer or graphic designer? Are you a marketer, or startup enthusiast? Come spend 24 hours to build a mobile app, web site or project that will make life better at Cal Poly and your community. It’s a weekend of hacking where you can think up ideas, pitch concepts to each other, join into teams to quickly build as much as you can, and present the results. It’s a great way for you to make new connections, learn skills, and get feedback from mentors and your peers. It will be a creative, supportive environment – OK, maybe just a little bit competitive too. Bring your energy and enthusiasm and let’s build together. During the weekend we will have experienced mentors and speakers on hand to help you with key technologies and the Evernote API. On Sunday everyone will demo to each other and will get feedback from an expert panel. After voting by the judges, and by all of you, we will celebrate with some fun prizes. Many past hackathons have led to student teams forming start ups of their own -- we hope to see you join that notable list! How to Sign Up Help us get the right mix of participants by picking the right ticket: if you can code, pick the developer/engineer ticket, 80 available. Can you do HTML or visual design but not code? Pick the designer/UX ticket, 50 available. Content developer, marketer or startup enthusiast? Pick "Ideas / Other", 20 available. There is no charge to attend but we can only fit a limited number of people so sign up early. The event will be held in the Bonderson Engineering Center at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. You will need to be there on Friday evening February 15th for the kickoff night. Bring your ideas and we will help everyone form teams. Hack on your project starting that Saturday morning and over the weekend and show your demo on Sunday, February 17th. Plenty of food and refreshments will be provided on Saturday and Sunday, just bring your own computer.
San Luis Obispo CA United States
07 02
February 07, 2014
USC ACM is teaming up with Project Possibility again for a high-impact hackathon! This event provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate software developers to make a profound difference by developing innovative, empowering software projects for disabled persons and win prizes for their work. The purpose of SS12 is to increase awareness of issues in accessible computing and be educational and fun for all participants. More info about the competition at SS12 is a Code-A-Thon Challenge organized by Project:Possibility and USC ACM. This event provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate software developers to make a profound difference by developing innovative, empowering software projects for disabled persons and win prizes for their work. The purpose of SS12 is to increase awareness of issues in accessible computing and be educational and fun for all participants. Schedule: February 7th, 6:30pm - kickoff in THH 102! Come learn about the possible projects you can create, learn about SS12 and Code for a Cause, and form teams! February 8th and 9th - code away! Workrooms will be provided from 9am - 10pm on Saturday, and 9am - presentations on Sunday. February 9th - Code Stop at 4pm! February 9th - Presentations start at 5pm in THH 102! Come present your project and win some prizes!
Los Angeles CA United States
07 02
February 07, 2014
In his State of the Union address on January 28, President Obama announced that he was “reaching out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help more young men of color facing especially tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.” EVERYONE (Whites, Asians, Latinos, old, young, men, women, and so on) is invited to register for this event and help answer the question, “Could An App Have Saved Trayvon Martin?” A Silicon Valley that lives up to the dreams of Dr. King is our vision for the first global hackathon for Black Male Achievement and Oakland’s first Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Headquartered in Seattle, it is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs and innovators with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011. From Mongolia to South Africa to London to Brazil, people around the globe are coming together for weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams, and launch their ideas. But this Startup Weekend will be different... Similar to Startup Weekend Women events, Startup Weekend Oakland is an inclusion vertical by focusing on progressive community problem solving supported by diversity of thought and collaboration among all ethnicities and genders. We are encouraging developers, designers, and innovators from all backgrounds to tackle issues related to what today’s statistics reveal – from health, to education, to incarceration rates, young Black males have untapped potential. The Trayvon Martin tragedy opened up a global conversation on race, class, and stereotype threat. Can innovation in technology, business and design, create opportunities for a safer society for all of us? As a community of technologists and startup founders in Oakland, we recognized an opportunity to bring this conversation home to the Bay Area in a way that united us all around solving problems that hit closer to home – with a hackathon! If you are looking to find a technical co-founder for your venture, want to test out your app development skills, or use lean startup methods to find the best approach to solving a problem, you’ll find it here at Startup Weekend Oakland. Diverse Teams - to support the assembly of diverse teams for this event, we are recruiting from organizations like The Hidden Genius Project to ensure that there will be plenty of young Black males excited to work alongside you during this event. There will be five tracks to choose from: Education The education track focuses on issues related to the academic achievement of people of diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds and can include topics related to college readiness, access, completion and career guidance. Health The health track focuses on issues related to the public health of people of diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds such as improving wellness, increasing diversity in the medical profession, and helping Black males navigate and gain access to quality healthcare. Restorative Justice Restorative justice seeks solutions related to preventing the criminalization of economically disadvantaged people, and strategies that empower ex-offenders to transition from the prison walls to successful members of the community, and providing valuable intervention resources to high school dropouts or college dropouts. Gaming Gaming is an opportunity to re-think how devices like the Xbox and Playstation and other interactive forms of media can be used to improve the lives of people of diverse ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and especially Black males. The focus isn’t just on gaming (games can be created for all the tracks) but is specifically focused on gaming console apps. Sustainability The sustainability track challenges participants to create an app or design solution that preserves our environment and encourage personal practices such as recycling, garment collection and redistribution, food production, resource sharing, energy efficiency, and water conservation. Startup Weekend Oakland isn’t just for techies. Startup Weekend Oakland is for people with ideas, business people, designers, students, teachers, anyone who wants to contribute and support solving these problems. If you are not sure that this event is right for you, shoot us an email with your questions and concerns so we can support you. Do not be surprised that after the exciting process of launching an app or design that you’ll walk away feeling invigorated and supercharged by the relationships you have forged during this weekend. And things don’t just stop there. There will be a special reception on Saturday night just for hackathon participants and our family of supporters and sponsors: Join us for the #YesWeCode Oakland Reception: An Evening with Van Jones & Friends - at Impact Hub Oakland (2323 Broadway). With a few more surprises in store…Startup Weekend Oakland – Black Male Achievement (BMA) is history in the making. So what are you waiting for? Register now and let’s make history – together! Follow us on Twitter: @swoakland #swobma - Team Startup Weekend Oakland BMA
Oakland CA United States
04 06
June 04, 2014
Hackathon for Health @ World Research and Innovation Congress: The "Health Hackfest" hackathon, held in Brussels and run over two days (June 4-5, 2014) was created for software developers, hardware hackers, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, business developers and even healthcare professionals wanting to be a part of having a positive impact by helping to create future solutions for Healthcare. By tapping into scores of API's and SDK's made available by health technology companies currently seeking to build developer communities and well over a hundred publically available APIs, developers can work together participants with other skills (design, user experience, hardware, user interface, and healthcare) to cultivate new ways of tackling old problems and brainstorming over two days to build new friendships, create new networks and most importantly, design new products and services. The "Health Hackfest" will run alongside the World Research and Innovation Congress – Pioneers in healthcare. Web and mobile-based devices are becoming increasingly important in diagnosis and treatment where a doctor is not immediately available; to demonstrate the effectiveness of these technologies, the Hackathon will bring together a wide array of people with multiple talent to address current healthcare challenges and present the results back to those attending the event. This novel initiative is supported by W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) who are currently working on semantic web standards, data storage and sharing.
Rue du Fossé aux loups Bruxelles Belgium
04 02
February 04, 2014
Announcing a collaboration of innovation and creativity: Introducing the newest addition to the Hackfest portfolio “App Hackfest”. Hackfests are a platform that attracts developers, designers, agencies and technologist and shouts out creativity and innovation, which is the reason behind the decision to host a mass hack over the duration of the Apps World event. Our Hackfest sponsors will be challenging participants to push the boundaries of originality whilst providing cutting edge and cool solutions to specific briefs.
San Franciso TX United States
04 02
February 04, 2014
Get creative in the development of future TV app concepts: Television is a half a trillion dollar global industry that is on the cusp of change as the Internet collides with traditional linear broadcast television. TV app stores on smart TVs, new boxes such as Roku and Boxee that have open ecosystems, transmedia storytelling from producers that involves multiplatform engagement and much more... The TV Hackfest will be bringing together Designers, Developers, Product Managers, Producers and the next generation of talent together over the duration of two days to get creative and build future TV app concepts with some cool prizes up for grabs.
San Francisco TX United States
18 02
February 18, 2014
mPOS Hackathon: Building the future of the Point of Sale in just 24 hours at Europe's largest payment conference Changing the way people shop and pay: Did you ever have to wait in line to pay in a store? Did you ever wonder why you can’t just simply pay with your phone and leave the bar? Did you ever get lost in a mall? There are a million ways of how the experience at the Point of Sale for both shoppers and merchants can be improved using mobile technology. We decided to do it and bring together a group of talented and hungry people in order to hack the Point of Sale! The mPOS Hackathon takes place during MPE 2014, Europe’s largest payment conference in one of Berlin’s finest locations. The payworks and SDKs (iOS & Android) & hardware will be provided during the event, opening up a world of exciting opportunities for app developers and designers. Food and drinks provided, attendees will spend 24 hours of discussing, coding and networking. The results are presented in front of a jury of industry experts, executives and VCs. The winning team will be awarded with attractive hardware prices. Ready to change the way people shop and pay? Get on board and join the first mPOS Hackathon in Berlin!
InterContinental Berlin Berlin Germany
17 02
February 17, 2014
MPE Hackathon 2014: he team of MPE is thrilled to announce the inaugural MPE Hackathon which aim to show the future of developers-driven innovation and open collaboration. WHAT The 24 hour intensive Hackathon will be held during the 2nd conference day (February 19, 2014) and will bring together small teams of developers to design and hack “The best merchant payment app”. MPE Hackers will kick the excitement off at the stage during the 3rd conference day. Live demoing of the app, followed by quick fire questions from the Hackathon jury and live audience voting will decide the winner. MPE HACKATHON ASSIGNMENT To create new and innovative mobile applications that leverage the app based nature of payments and POS terminal of the Future. MPE HACKATHON GOAL to design new and disruptive APPs and tools (or hack existing ones) to show the future of developers-driven innovation and open collaboration between developers and merchant payment providers Hackers & Developers – As there are limited seats for developer teams who wish to participate and work on hack projects, hacker teams will be handpicked and invited on an individual basis. HACKATHON SPONSORS We offer several opportunities for business partners supporting the MPE Hackathon. (Sponsored API platforms for hackers to develop on, Hackathon Contest Session, cash and in-kind prizes, etc.) To learn how you can provide support for the developer community, please contact [email protected] Get inspired by the MPE Hack and use the inspirations to create real apps and services in just 24 hours!
Budapester Strasse 2 Berlin Germany
07 02
February 07, 2014
Imagine looking out at a barren Martian landscape that hasn’t seen a drop of water in millions of years and where the only human life within a billion miles is your three crewmates. Getting there takes over six months and you have to carry all of your supplies at a launch cost of close to 100k per pound… now imagine one of your crewmates dropping inexplicably to the ground. Would you know how to respond? Would you have the medical resources to handle the situation? amazing-astronaut-in-moon-wallpaper-1280x1024The Space Health Innovation Challenge is a weekend “hackathon” to exchange ideas and collaborate with experts to answer these specific questions and enable human exploration. It is an event combining a variety of different disciplines to identify technology and techniques to prevent unanticipated medical scenarios in a resource poor environment. We invite innovative individuals with diverse skillsets at a variety of technology readiness levels that address these concerns and minimize power, volume, mass, and complexity to join us for this innovative and exciting event! The Johnson Space Center (JSC) is providing challenges to Enventure, Health 2.0 Houston and other partner innovation groups for the Space Health Innovation Challenge event to be held at BioScience Research Collaborative at Rice University on February 6-9th. This is an opportunity for the national health innovation community to join with local Houston innovation groups to provide new perspectives on problems faced by JSC that will keep astronauts healthy while living in space or traveling in NASA’s Orion spacecraft during deep space missions. The event will feature remarks from Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis, MD, Director, Human Health and Performance Directorate, NASA Johnson Space Center and health technology challenges from JSC. The Houston Technology Center (HTC), the Houston Area Translational Research Consortium (HATRC), Enventure, and Health 2.0 Houston (H20H) are among the partner organizations promoting the event. “Health 2.0 has always focused on advancing the frontier of technology in health.” says Indu Subayia, Health 2.0 Co-founder. “Networking the national resources of Health 2.0 together with the local innovation community in Houston around space health is an obvious extension of our mission.” Challenges and awards for the JSC Space Health Innovation Challenge: Mission to Mars fall into three categories. Winners in each category will advance to “Office Hours” with JSC staff and vendors to discuss how to advance their innovations after the event has concluded. “Projects are organized into the following categories: data visualization, predictive analysis, and devices. Each track calls for a diverse set of expertise and has direct applications to improving modern medicine and healthcare,” says Amy Hurwitz, Event Chair and Co-founder of Enventure, Houston’s community for medical entrepreneurs. “Regardless of your career background or experience, there will be projects to pique your interest and meaningful opportunities for learning and contributing to challenges.” “Our Health 2.0 Houston chapter launched in January 2013, but even before that launch, Fred Trotter (a popular Health 2.0 speaker and author) and I met with staff at JSC to talk about collaboration and innovation,” says Brian Lang, JSC Space Health Innovation Challenge Founder and H20H Co-chapter Head. “This is a unique expression of collaboration that our local community can offer the national innovation community.”
Houston TX United States
21 04
April 21, 2014
HackRU is a 24-hour student hackathon. Students (like you) will work alone or in small teams to envision, create, and demo an application. At the start of the hackathon, we will have several companies present their technologies. You can use these in your applications. Throughout the day, you will be surrounded by mentors from our sponsoring companies, and fellow hackers who will help you along the way. At the end of 24 hours, we will all huddle together with a panel of judges who will award prizes for the best hacks. As a whole, HackRU will be an incredible experience for learning and creation. HackRU is organized by the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists (USACS). What started as a small event, held in empty classrooms and scraped together by passionate hackers, has evolved into a huge inter-school event.
New Brunswick NJ United States