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October 23, 2015
Euromoney plc is holding its second annual hackathon, following last year's successful event. This event is aimed primarily at new graduates and final-year students, although 1st and 2nd years and later graduates with some commercial experience can also take part. This event is *not* aimed at established developers with significant commercial experience. This year, we're holding the event at Google's Tech London Campus in the City on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th October. Food and drink will be provided all day, as well as laptops and dev tools for those who can't bring their own. Challenges have been set by Euromoney's business groups and each team will be assigned a technical mentor from our development team to help out. You can pick your technology and tools without restriction, and for the winning team there is a substantial cash prize on offer, as well as prizes for the 2nd and 3rd placed teams provided by our sponsors including JetBrains. We will be looking to recruit developers, QAs and BAs on the back of this event and participants interested in full-time employment should let us know during the application process so we can consider them. You *must* apply to take part, this is not a come-on-the-day event. Applications close on Friday October 9th, so get them in now!
London UK
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November 14, 2015
Focus on Tools Together, we want to use RIPE Atlas data to develop useful analytical tools for the benefit of the entire Internet community. Specifically, the goal of this hackathon is to improve access to RIPE Atlas data for network operators, by creating tools that fit with their existing ways of working. We'd also like to come up with solutions tailored to the needs of RIPE NCC members who do not have time to develop their own tools. Typical use cases for these kinds of tools include: Helping ISPs monitor the reachability of the websites most visited by their users Hosting companies with multiple POPs around the world that need to be alerted of high latency from a certain part of the world People who prefer command-line tools for interfacing with RIPE Atlas APIs The integration of existing web front-end tools (based on RIPE Atlas APIs) into a network operator's "dashboard" view Participants We are specifically looking for: Developers familiar with Python, Node.js, Perl, Go, etc. People who can do packaging of existing tools for operating systems (Debian, Fedora, Mac OS, etc.) Network operators who can give feedback about what is really needed in their day-to-day work You'll have the chance to work alongside RIPE Atlas developers, meet others in your field, and exchange knowledge and experience.
Bucharest Romania
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October 10, 2015
StuyHacks is a student-run hackathon taking place in the heart of TriBeCa, Manhattan. We seek to expose as many high school students as possible to the creativity and innovation that technology brings. To us, hackathons are more than friendly competitions - they're opportunities to meet the great inventors, creators, and thinkers of the future. Our job is the eliminate the negative connotations that come with hacking and the technology field, and to instead replace them with the idea that coding something anyone can do, even in a weekend. We want to help trailblaze a new generation diversity and enthusiasm for invention. Come join our movement. Get ready, get set, get HACKING!
New York NY USA
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November 14, 2015
Develop apps with program data (+ TV Guide, subtitle data etc.) from the Dutch Public Broadcasting System! On the 14th of November in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Sign up to join:
Hilversum Noord Holland Netherlands
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October 29, 2015
Connected Automobiles is the first connected cars hackathon in a F1 circuit in Monza, Italy and it will be held on 28 - 30 October 2015. Hackathon teams will be placed in the racing boxes, next to pit lane and they will also have opportunity to perform live demonstration by using connected cars available for test.The Hackathon will give developers, designers, and entrepreneurs the chance to pitch app and product ideas – form teams – build prototypes- and present to our hackathon judges for the prizes, publicity and business connections. REGISTRATIONS ARE OPENED :
Monza Italy
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August 26, 2015
Add innovative messaging to mobile apps to deliver a more interactive mobile experience. Go beyond simple text messaging. Show the world how to add innovative messaging capabilities to deliver a more interactive and engaging mobile experience. We want to challenge developers to dream up and power new, mobile first apps with our recently launched Magnet Message framework. We are prepared to reward you with cool cash prizes!
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October 02, 2015
Exclusive to All Full Time Higher education student in Hong Kong. Date: 2 - 4 Oct 215 Venue: Cyberport
Hong Kong
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September 01, 2015
Challenge 1: Recreational wearables for working hours activity monitoring Recreational wearables, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Sensoria, Xmetrics and others, have the ability to monitor one or more variables and provide feedback to the user in terms of better activity, better diet, better sleep regimen. Some wearables, like Sensoria socks or Xmetrics for swimmers, are also capable of providing real time feedback, so that a runner learns to place the foot better, or the swimmer to flip better. However, little has been developed to support a person during the professional hours, especially in a manufacturing environment or in a warehouse where people walk, climb stairs and lift weights well beyond what is normally accomplished with an hour at the gym. Starting from any existing wearable device and using open platforms (such as but not limited to Arduino), develop a new device or a new model of an existing one that can monitor and provide feedback during both recreational and work hours. In other terms, the device should allow the user to receive feedback also when lifting weights or performing tasks in a manufacturing or distribution environment. ______ Challenge II: Portable or wearable NO2 measurement devices for outdoor personal usage Air quality can be assessed comparing pollutants’ concentration with “safe” thresholds defined by international regulations. NO2 is one of the most important components to be monitored. Currently, the monitoring of air quality is managed by few (very expensive) certified fixed stations. These data are not enough to have a clear picture and to act properly. Moreover, people involvement is a key feature of the growing vision of smart communities and of social participation. This is why a growing attention is being given to portable (or wearable) devices measuring air pollution. The aim is to create a crowd-sourced network of low-costs sensors collecting data (by people when moving outdoor). These data can be used for better understanding the diffusion of pollutants in a urban settings, to provide actionable knowledge to decision makers and personal feedback to citizens. At this stage, the challenge is to develop a “mass” product to be adopted by a large number of customers. Starting from existing low-cost NO2 sensors (metal dioxide or others) develop new portable devices for outdoor personal usage, using open platforms. The new device shall be equipped with Bluetooth connection and with additional sensors (measuring for instance temperature, humidity, etc.) ______ Challenge III: Modular Tracking System for Anonymous and Permanent information People moving in large spaces produce information. The behaviour of each individual can be useful and valuable in various fields, such as security, market analysis, or environmental studies. However, most of that information cannot be stored or used for privacy issues. The solution could be found in numbers: rather than acquiring complex data from a few nodes, a large number of elementary sensors can be used to reconstruct the position and the route of each subject in an arbitrarily large space while keeping the path itself anonymous. The information about the behaviors – sometimes incomplete, sometimes corrupted – of each anonymized individual will become a part of a larger set that can be stored and used for statistical analysis. The goal is to propose a solution for a network of independent devices able to be installed in a network. Each sensor will have to be autonomous for as long as possible reporting a data set which has little meaning on its own but has a specific part into the big picture puzzle. The data must be pre-processed in order to anonymize it while keeping the most relevant information for the statistical analysis. _____ PRIZE · 15.000€ per challenge · Working collaboration with AizoOn PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS · Single participant: university degree, max 35 years old · Team: university degree for all team members, age average maximum 35 years DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING SOLUTIONS: 25 September 2015
Turin Italy
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November 07, 2015
Citrus Hack is Inland Empire's premier hackathon. We aim to promote tech in Riverside for students who have not been introduced to the idea of a hackathon. The date is set for November 6-8 in Winston Chung Hall.
Riverside California United States
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September 18, 2015
enParadigm is looking to hire curious and proactive android developers to work on business simulations and learning games in Bangalore. They retain their start-up DNA, and this role comes with significant responsibilities - so productivity and an ability to deliver on targets is key. About the Challenge This is an online challenge designed to test your skills.The problem statement would be released on 18th Sept. 2015 and you will have 10 days to build a simple application. Solve the challenge from the comfort of your own home sweet home. Submit your solution on our platform. The best 5 teams will be invited to our Bangalore office on the Demo day. They will present and answer few questions about their submission. The winner will be based on the quality of his/her submission, and how well he or she answers the questions on the demo day. The team size should not exceed 3 members
Bangalore Karnataka India (online)