Start: 2019-02-08 16:00:00 UTC
Location: Αμερικής 8 Αμερικής 8, Αθήνα 106 71 ATHENS GREECE Ελλάδα


Hackathon Start 2019-02-08 16:00:00 UTC
Hackathon End 2019-02-10 19:00:00 UTC
Hackathon Duration 51 hours

Event Location

Αμερικής 8 Αμερικής 8, Αθήνα 106 71 ATHENS GREECE Ελλάδα


Subject: the electronic Health Record and International Patient Summary (IPS).

A Patient Summary is a standardized set of basic medical data that includes the most important clinical facts required to ensure safe and secure healthcare. This summarized version of the patient’s medical data gives health professionals the essential information they need to provide care in the case of an unexpected or unscheduled medical situation (e.g. emergency or accident). Though this data is mainly intended to aid health professionals in providing unscheduled care, it can also be used to provide planned medical care (e.g. in the case of citizen movements or cross-organizational care paths).HEALTH DATA AND MOBILITY

We will use Trillium-II, that builds on the strength of the EU/US MoU on collaboration in eHealth/ Health Information Technology to realize its key recommendation that we share, i.e. “Advance an International Patient Summary standard to enable people to access and share their health information for emergency or unplanned care anywhere and as needed starting with immunizations, allergies, medications, clinical problems, past operations and implants”. For more information: https://trillium2.eu/

Some ideas on the Hackathon challenge:

Illustration (user experience) of the information on the IPS for different users (medical doctors, nurses, patients, institutions…)
Expansion of IPS and enhanced utilization for different use scenarios (chronic diseases e.g. diabetes, oncology patients, rheumatoid arthritis patients, pain management, opioid use …)
Decision support system for health professionals (e.g. contra-indications on co-administration of drugs)
Develop apps with inside IPS for people with specific health profiles: Frailty, Diabetes, Hypertension
Develop apps with IPS inside for specific age groups: elderly, health conscious, children, expecting mothers, etc.
…other, give us your input!

Open-source software (GFOSS)

Trillium-II resources4-7, Webinar week of Jan 28.

The International Patient Summary Standards8,9


International Patient Summary Implementation Guide, http://hl7.org/fhir/uv/ips/2018Sep/index.html
International Patient Summary, http://international-patient-summary.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
Draft European standard 17269 ‘The Patient Summary for Unplanned, Cross-border Care’ approved, http://www.ehealth-standards.eu/draft-european-standard-17269-the-patient-summary-for-unplanned-cross-border-care-approved/
Trillium II, https://trillium2.eu/
Trillium-II Server of sample IPS resources offered by SRDC: http://app.srdc.com.tr/fhir/stu3
Trillium II – Using the international patient summary in a disaster situation, https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/trillium-ii-using-international-patient-summary-disaster-situation
EU-MODEX-Ro Civil protection exercise, https://trillium2.eu/news-and-events/eu-modex-ro-civil-protection-exercise/
CEN/TC 251 Health Informatics, http://www.ehealth-standards.eu/
The International Patient Summary Standards, http://www.ehealth-standards.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/CEN-and-HL7-Patient-Summary-Standards_Article.pdf
International Patient Summary: Policy, deployment, competencies and standards, https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/international-patient-summary-policy-deployment-competencies-and-standards


Anyone interested in IPS, from universities and communities to end users (health professionals & patients).


Definition: An International Patient Summary (IPS) is an electronic health record extract containing essential healthcare information intended for use in the unscheduled, cross-border care scenario, comprising at least the required elements of the IPS dataset. The IPS dataset is a minimal and non-exhaustive patient summary dataset, specialty-agnostic, condition-independent, but readily usable by clinicians for the cross-border unscheduled care of a patient.



Location: Αμερικής 8 Αμερικής 8, Αθήνα 106 71 ATHENS GREECE Ελλάδα
Twitter: @@HealthAthens



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