Start: 2017-06-12 17:00:00 UTC
Location: London United Kingdom


Hackathon Start 2017-06-12 17:00:00 UTC
Hackathon End 2017-06-30 17:00:00 UTC
Hackathon Duration 432 hours

Event Location

London United Kingdom


The platfrom is a co-creation vehicle merging our conventional economy with a more robust peer to peer economy. Users can search, connect, and transact with one another on one single sign on with verified digital identiy and reputaiton.
Ambitious projects require ambitous programmers. Build it in London, own the IP, make £5,000, and deploy it globally. That's the gameplan.
Here are the particulars...
When: Hackathon starts June 12th @ 5pm up to June 30th @ 5pm. We're also working on a place to provide you all a much deserved beverage first. Location TBD. It'll be a coworking space. DigitalTown CTO Mark Cartwright will drop some knowledge too- make it educational. Winner announced at London Bridge.
Why: You care about your city and want to build product to improve it. You also want to see your product used in over 23,000 other cites and just generally improve the better portion of humanity. Good on you. Also £5,000 doesn't hurt.
We provided some guidance on the website. Check it out -
Some rules:
1. Sign up here or on the website. One more time-
"You should do this right now, otherwise you'll convince yourself not to." - Tony Robbins
2. Max team of 5.
3. You MUST include DigitalTown’s SmartWallet for authentication and user registration.
4. If the solution involves payment - again- use DigitalTown's SmartWallet
5. No MVP products that didn't pan out, fresh material folks
6. Follow rules 1-5
Final submissions can be sent to [email protected] Provide some context around the product. What inspired you to build it in the first place?
Again stay tuned for updates on kick off party.
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Location: London United Kingdom
Availability: If you can improve cities, we welcome your participation
Twitter: @Digi_Town


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